Защита от осколков - Padua Market 2017

The market at Padua from above with the photovoltaic installation and DELTAX® mesh

Защита от осколков - Padua Market 2017

The space between the panels made maintenance works dangerous

Защита от осколков - Padua Market 2017

The laying work took place in total safety, operating from the bottom upwards and employing a mobile scaffold on wheels that allowed operators a fast installation

Защита от осколков - Padua Market 2017

View from inside

Защита от осколков - Padua Market 2017

The DELTAX® network, in rolls of 30 m / 3.90 m, was easily adapted to the existing structure

Защита от осколков - Padua Market 2017

A total of 2000 square meters of mesh has been installed to protect the empty space between the two existing flat roofs

Защита от осколков - Padua Market 2017

The system provides safety for the staff




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The Agro-Food Market in Padua (Mercato Agroalimentare di Padova) is the preferred terminal for Italian agricultural products destined for Eastern Europe and is ranked nationwide among the top 10 markets for commercial capacity. There are 32 wholesalers of fruit and vegetable farms and 2 agricultural cooperatives, with a total of about 1000 employees.


In 2000, on the roof of the market, a photovoltaic plant was installed. To guaranty a safe maintenance, Sedico IDLineeVita company, supported by Geobrugg Italia SrL, provided and installed a standardized and specially certified horizontal UNI EN 15057 containment system, based on DELTAX® G80/2 wire mesh.

The solution proved to be ideal. Compared to heavy structures it is easy and fast to install and economic.


MAAP, Mercato Agroalimentare Padova, http://www.maap.it/


ID LineeVita di Giovanbattista Faena, Sedico, +39 388 925 70 40

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