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A company of the BRUGG Group
Холдинг BRUGG Group

Холдинг BRUGG Group

Швейцарский холдинг BRUGG Group работает по всему миру и представлен 5 подразделениями с более, чем 2000 сотрудников.

Мы финансово независимая индустриальная группа, глубоко специализированная на Кабельной продукции, Канатных технологиях, Трубах, Системах контроля процессов и Недвижимости. Сочетая эти направления мы стремимся стать надежным поставщиком на долгое время. Создавая ценность для клиентов, сотрудников и окружающей среды мы гармонично добиваемся своей цели.

BRUGG group Cables Rope Technologies Pipe Systems Process Controll Systems Real Estate

Products from the Rope Technology division deliver safety and reliability in mountain transport systems, passenger and freight elevators, industrial applications, and against natural hazards.

We primarily use internally developed production technologies as well as methods and processes, which we monitor continuously for quality. That is why clients around the world rely on Brugg Rope Technology. Our trained experts from 16 companies in 11 countries on 5 continents as well as over 30 independent local partners provide you with targeted advice at your location. We support you and your engineers from the planning stage to final acceptance of the installation.

Visit the BRUGG Rope Technology Website.

Geobrugg - Netting solutions

Barely visible in the background for the most part, our rockfall barriers, slope stabilization systems, mudslide and avalanche barriers, all made of high-tensile steel wire, provide reliable protection against natural hazards.

We have developed Motorsport barriers that protect both spectators and drivers all over the world in Formula 1, Formula E, and MotoGP. To protect from objects with extreme acceleration and explosions we provide customized solutions.

Rockfall protection barrier RXE
Fatzer - Structural ropes

Heavy-Duty Ropes

Whether for passenger or freight transportation, for accessing mountainous regions or urban areas – day after day when it comes to heavy traffic, passenger comfort, long life and cost effectiveness, FATZER has the right system.

Structural Ropes

Custom-designed, functional products are used in high-end architectural applications such as glass facades, roofs, sport stadiums, and bridge suspensions systems made of high-strength or stainless steel.

Fatzer heavy-duty ropes
BRUGG Lifting - Civil & industrial ropes

Brugg Elevator Ropes

With their supreme stability, quiet operation, strech resistance and long service life, our elevator ropes are especially well suited for high performance installations.

Brugg Rope and Lifting Technology

We supply lifting and winch ropes and assemble lifting gear for crane hooks including rope slings, chains and textile lifting belts.