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Red Bull Ring I

Circuitos de competição - Red Bull Ring I 2014

The mobile Debris Fence after the installation before the placing of the Tecpro barriers.

Circuitos de competição - Red Bull Ring I 2014

View from the back to the mobile Debris Fence. The NORDBETON barriers and our Panel Debris Fence are able to follow elevation changes easily.


Comprimento do sistema

244 m


Ano de instalação


Situação inicial

Our mobile FIA debris fence was selected to provide temporary spectator protection during the Formula 1 event. The high safety level of the solution in combination with a good view from the grandstand convinced the circuit operator. Furthermore a complete turnkey solution was offered which limited the number of companies required for the solution.


Installation of the mobile FIA debris fence to protect the spectators seated in the grandstand at the Formula 1 race.


Red Bull


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Geobrugg AG

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