Estados Unidos
Estados Unidos

Kuwait Motor Town

Al Ahmadi Governorate, Kuwait
KCC Engineering & Contracting Company
Altura do sistema
3.5 m
Comprimento do sistema
6800 m
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Kuwait Motor Town is a pace making destination with a unique FIA grade 1 circuit. It attracts a wide spectrum of people: professional race drivers, families seeking leisure activities or club members requiring premium-level services.

Kuwait Motor Town with its fully integrated portfolio of entertainment assets promises to create a most exciting and innovative automotive experience for the whole region.


Geobrugg motorsport provided consultancy, design services, production of all motorsport barrier and debris fence systems, logistics as well as the local training and supervision of the installation crews.

All installed systems are FIA accepted for the use at Grade 1 facilities such as the Kuwait Motor Town: FIA debris fence, mobile FIA debris fence, pit wall fence as well as marshal post solutions and special camera protection fences for the drag strip.

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Marty Hunt
Marty Hunt
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