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Expert Course Geobrugg CONSIS – Operation, Inspection and Maintenance - December 2022

  • Walenstadt
  • 5 - 8 Dezembro 2022
  • English
  • Workshop
  • Local
  • Seehof Walenstadt
    Seestrasse 104
    CH 8880 Walenstadt

  • Contacto

    Hannes Salzmann
    +41 71 466 81 58


  • Leidenberger, Michael
    Salzmann, Hannes


Geobrugg CONSIS - Operation, inspection and maintenance of flexible safety structures against natural hazards

This 2 ½ day technical course is designed to enable participants to assess structures from the perspective of system designers and manufacturers. This requires a basic knowledge of the function of the individual components and how they act together as part of an overall system. Systems and components will be inspected from 0 to 50 years old. This allows older, untested, “third-party” structures to be better assessed and evaluated for their protective function compared to modern safety standards.



We focus on flexible safety structures made of stranded wire ropes, nets and meshes, steel supports, base plates, braking elements and the associated small components. These are systems for protection against rockfall, debris flow and avalanches. The assessment of flexible slope stabilisation systems with nets and meshes in combination with soil nailing, as well as possibilities for assessing flexible special structures against snow slide, tree fall, etc., are also presented.
The course will focus primarily on the superstructure, i.e. all visible components of a flexible protective structure. The possibilities regarding anchoring, nailing and foundations will be discussed to be able to consider further testing requirements.


Your benefit

CONSIS lays the foundation for a better understanding of the components and protective function of the structures.

- You will get an overview of the function of the individual components and how they work as an overall system.

- You will be trained to check how the systems are installed correctly and according to the system manuals.

- You will learn to assess safety structures against natural hazards about their protective effect.

- You will be trained to assess older, untested safety structures and “third-party structures” and evaluate their protective function from today’s perspective.

- In operation, structures are often unobserved for long periods of time. You will get an insight into modern methods of obtaining information about the structure outside inspections.

- Different methods for inspection, in analogue and digital form, are presented.


Target group

- CONSIS is aimed at experts in the field of natural hazards, such as engineers and geologists, planners, builders, and contractors who work in the field of natural hazards and install such systems.


Participation requirements

- preferably, you have experience implementing flexible protection measures to protect against natural hazards.

- You have a basic understanding of the operation of flexible protection systems against natural hazards, such as rockfall, debris flow, and avalanches, and have experience with flexible slope stabilisation systems.

- You are confident in rough terrain. Training on PPEgA (Personal Protective Equipment against falls from a height) or working on a hanging rope - Level 1 or higher, is an advantage.



After successfully completing the course, a certificate is issued, which can be presented in certain countries as proof of qualification. The course and the certificate CONSIS are personal.


Speakers and method

Our employees and speakers are trained mechanical engineers, technicians, civil engineers and geologists. They have many years of experience in developing and assessing flexible protection measures, as well as advice on the maintenance of flexible protection structures. In addition to the theoretical basics, the focus is on practical training in our test facility in Walenstadt; following on from practical training, laboratory tests and their possible interpretations are discussed.


Additional advantages

Beyond the course, other exclusive benefits are available to you as a CONSIS course participant:

- You get access to the online area Inspectors CONSIS. Here you will find course materials, assessment aids, assessment options, old manuals, and technical articles.

- Access to exclusive webinars for CONSIS certificate holders, e.g. training or advanced courses.

- Updating courses: The course is to be renewed every three years so that the certificate holders are up to date and trained on further developments in operation, inspection and maintenance. 


Registration & Participation Fee

The cost of the course is CHF 3470.- incl. VAT.

The following services are included in the costs:

- Training and training materials

- 3 nights at Seehof Walenstadt*

- Catering: Breakfast, lunch and dinner

*Also bookable without overnight stay (CHF 3020.-)

The number of participants is limited to 15 persons. Please register bindingly for the course by 20.11.2022 at the latest. If necessary, we will keep a waiting list. Please contact us directly.


CONSIS lasts 2 ½ days and is divided into theory and practical parts.




Individual journey to Walenstadt


Theory - Seehof Walenstadt

Principles for the assessment of flexible securing structures and work safety.

- Flexible protective structures against natural hazards

- Approvals and standardisation

- The correct assembly

- Factors influencing service life and functional capability

- Protection against corrosion

- The individual components: Structure, purpose and function

- Operation

- Inspection

- Procedure and tools for the inspection of structures

- Rules and regulations for the inspection of structures

- Maintenance


Practice - Geobrugg Test Site Walenstadt

Assessment of securing structures in the field and working in groups.

- Inspections in the field

- Systematic approach

- Assessment and evaluation of the components

- Operation of flexible securing structures

- Assessment of the structure/foundation and spiral cable anchor 


Journey to Romanshorn

Quality assurance laboratory - Geobrugg Romanshorn

Assessment of remaining service life and estimation possibilities with laboratory tests

- Presentation test laboratory

- Quasi-static tensile tests on stranded wire ropes

- Determination of the residual zinc coating on samples of protective structures

- Verification of the load-carrying capacity of high-strength wire meshes

- Estimation of remaining useful life

- Final exam

Optional: Factory tour of Geobrugg

Individual departure from Romanshorn

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