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Expert course Geobrugg CONSIS - Operation, inspection and maintenance

10 Julho 2022

The Expert Course Geobrugg CONSIS – Operation, Inspection and Maintenance enables geotechnical planners and contractors to assess flexible safety structures from the perspective of system developers and manufacturers.

Topics covered in the technical course include an overview of the function of components within a safety system and their effect on the system as a whole as well as assessing protective structures against natural hazards concerning their protective effect. Furthermore, the participants will be able to better assess older, untested safety structures and third-party structures and evaluate their protective effect from today’s point of view. They will learn how to use modern methods to obtain information about the structure outside of inspections along with analog and digital inspection methods.

The course will be held in five languages (EN, DE, FR, IT, ES). Find out more about the coming up courses and their detailed information.