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ATTERO dimensioning tool for rockfall mitigation attenuators

28 Maio 2024

Attenuators are ideal rockfall protection systems when there is space for a runout of the falling rocks. The upper part of the barrier deflects the falling rock, and the drape directs the rock to the designated runout zone. This maintenance-friendly protection solution is used where high-frequency rockfall events are expected.

For its attenuator series, Geobrugg has launched a new software called ATTERO to dimension its rockfall attenuator systems. The tool will assist geotechnical designers in calculating the ideal solution for their attenuator barriers.

ATTERO software performance
Today, Geobrugg offers six different attenuator solutions. They are distinguished by their mesh/net types and the superstructure designed for them. All systems can be dimensioned with the ATTERO.

- Simulation of the rock's trajectory in conjunction with the net and the forces acting on it

- All Geobrugg attenuator systems can be simulated.

- Two different calculations: free-hanging attenuators and attenuators lying on the slope

- Calculations in metric or US units.

-  Design proof of every calculation documented in a PDF report

- Project perimeter displayed in 3D terrain

- Projects can be shared with other users

- System information, calculations and reports are saved directly in the tool

Developing ATTERO 
Geobrugg was the first company in the world to test and develop a dimensioning concept for rockfall attenuators with international experts. We presented this concept to experts in British Columbia/ Canada in 2018. Since then, we have developed it further into the online tool ATTERO (free of charge at, enabling design engineers to reliably and efficiently dimension an ATTENUATOR protection solution from scratch.

For access to the ATTERO, register on myGeobrugg and start dimensioning a few moments later.

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