Beesands Car Park, TQ7 2EJ, Beesands, Kinsbridge, Reino Unido
Objecto protegido
Proteção contra a corrosão
Área estabilizada
900 m²
Altura do talude
30 m
Inclinação do talude
20 °
Outras aplicações instaladas
Coastal Erosion Protection
Situação inicial

Beesands is a small settlement located midway between Hallsands and Torcross on the coast of Start Bay in South Devon, The local area is very picturesque and a tourist hotspot unfortunately it is very prone to coastal errosion during storm season and high tides.

Rock armour and geotextiles have been used in the location for many years. 


Working closely with Landmarc to find an alternative coastal errosion solution that requires less maintenance than rock armour and geotextiles. Using TECCO® Stainless G65/3 to wrap and secure multiple sized rocks to match the profile of the beach. The use of high-tensile TECCO® stainless G65/3 gives high strength and long lifetime, internal geometry of the structure stops the larger rock moving around, smaller rocks fit between the gaps and lock the structure together whilst creating voids to disapate wave energy. 

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René Müller
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