Amerika Birleşik Devletleri
Amerika Birleşik Devletleri

Mazda 6 Rekordjagd

Johann-Bunte-Strasse, 26871, Papenburg
ATP Automotive Testing Papenburg
Sistem boyu
3.5 m
Sistem uzunluğu
100 m

Mazda 6 Rekordjagd was the successful attempt to break 20 FIA world records! During the record setting high-speed run on ATP proving grounds, a distance of 3,293 miles was covered, with 23 different drivers taking part. The driver line-up consisted of journalists, car enthusiasts and professional racing drivers, each of them driving in a 90-minute stint.


NORDBETON was asked to support this event by providing 100 meters of NORDBETON concrete barriers with 28 meters of Geobrugg mobile FIA debris fence on top to protect time keeper, driver and crews during the pit stops.

Here are some spectacular scenes of this record-breaking race.

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