Snapback Protection Systems: Safer Maritime Workplaces

Mooring line failure, also known as mooring snapback, is a leading cause of injuries to marine workers. One in seven reported incidents results in fatality, and one in five in serious harm. When a mooring line ruptures, the parted line can reach speeds of 1200 km/h. Snapback events are caused by various factors rather than a single event.

This makes them difficult to prevent. The likelihood of future mooring incidents may also be adversely affected by severe weather events and increased vessel sizes. Protecting effectively against such incidents can be difficult. It often requires extended downtime for berth maintenance an restricted access during mooring operations.

The full-scale testing undertaken in cooperation with Holmes Solutions is a first-of-its-kind and has given a unique insight into the behaviour of ruptured lines. Full-scale, real-world testing is essential when designing for high-risk industries where safety is crucial. From adventure rides to roadside barriers and rockfall protection, the detailed data gained from this type of testing is key to the success of life-safety products.

The first validated solution against mooring line failure transforms maritime safety and prevents injury during a Snapback event.

Mooring efficiency

Ports are busy and often have limited access. Our Snapback protection solutions allow mooring operations to continue safely without restricting berth access.


Parted mooring lines can travel >1200km/hr. Our systems are the only ones on the market that are validated to arrest lines travelling at that speed. This is a significant improvement in safety.


Maintenance downtime is a significant cost. Our barriers are easy to install, relocate and adapt to suit large or small areas. This allows operations to continue during maintenance.


The Geobrugg and Holmes full-scale testing is a first-of-its-kind and has given a unique insight into the behaviour of ruptured lines.

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