Via Lucmagn, Disentis/Mustér

416/Via Lucmagn, 7180, Disentis/Mustér, Szwajcaria
Chroniony Objekt
Wysokość ochronna systemu
3.5 m
Dlugosc systemu od
- 56 m
Inne zainstalowane aplikacje
Road fencing
Sytuacja początkowa

Rock scaling works on the 416/Via Lucmagn near Disentis/Mustér required temporary road protection. This enabled the traffic to bypass the construction site. Bianchi Bau AG was looking for a system that would protect the traffic from falling rocks and, simultaneously, protect the workers from the passing traffic. The system needed to be installed and dismantled quickly and easily, and it also needed to be robust and safe.

Opis zastosowanego rozwiazania

Geobrugg supplied 14 mobile debris fence barriers (56 meters), each consisting of a concrete element and a fence panel. This mobile barrier system was initially designed and tested for racetracks. It protects many motorsports circuits worldwide.

However, due to the short installation time and high flexibility, the system is also ideal as temporary road protection against rockfalls and, at the same time, as a protection of the construction site against road traffic.

The mobile rockfall protection will remain in place until the completion of the works. The owner can use the road fence on another construction site in the future.

Osoba kontaktowa na miejscu

Roger Moor
Roger Moor
Country Manager Ost- und Zentralschweiz, Liechtenstein
Zagrożeniami naturalnymi, Coastal Erosion Protection, Kopalnie / Wydobycie / Tunel
Geobrugg AG
Aachstrasse 11
8590 Romanshorn / Szwajcaria
René Müller
René Müller
Country Manager Kantone AG BE BL BS FR GE JU NE SO VD VS
Zagrożeniami naturalnymi, Kopalnie / Wydobycie / Tunel
Geobrugg AG
Industriestrasse 21
5200 Brugg / Szwajcaria
Isacco Toffoletto
Isacco Toffoletto
Ticino Country Manager
Zagrożeniami naturalnymi, Kopalnie / Wydobycie / Tunel
Geobrugg AG Ticino
Stabile Cometal, via Pizzante 7
6595 Riazzino / Szwajcaria