Logochange at Geobrugg

Geobrugg with a new, blue appearance

15 June 2023

As of 15 June, we appear with a new logo and in blue color on our website. Geobrugg is a BRUGG company from its beginnings in 1951. This year, the BRUGG Group will standardize the appearance of all its divisions. Brugg will feature prominently in our logo.

Safety is our nature - BRUGG is our family

News of 13 January, 2023

Die "Kellenberger"-Halle ist jetzt als Geobrugg-Halle erkennbar
Installation des neuen Logos bei Geobrugg
3 Areale, die im Gewerbegebiet zu BRUGG gehören: Geobrugg Aachstrasse, Geobrugg Kellenberger-Halle und Fatzer