PZ Immendingen, VE 10, Fangzaun

78194, Immendingen, Niemcy
Daimler AG
Geobrugg AG
Zaunsysteme Weyrauch GmbH
Wysokość ochronna systemu
3.5 m
Dlugosc systemu od
280 m
Sytuacja początkowa

«In Immendingen, the mobility of the future is already being worked on. The Testing and Technology Centre is where the technological course is being set for the future fields of Connected, Autonomous, Shared & Services and Electric. This is where combustion engines are optimised and alternative powertrains are refined.

MThere are more than 30 different test circuits over a total surface area of 520 hectares. This means that a whole variety of different driving conditions can be simulated, such as long-distance journeys, off-road circuits, hilly terrain, braking tracks or urban circuits (see diagram). Numerous test drives can now be moved from the public streets to the Test Centre in Immendingen.»

Source: Daimler AG

Along the handling course, the pit lane area in which the drivers change as well as an area close to the high-speed oval had to be secured.

Handling course

The winding, asphalted track (total length 4.7 kilometers), which resembles the Nürburgring due to its differences in altitude  (31 meters), lies inside the Oval Circuit. Here, high longitudinal and lateral accelerations are simulated to assess tire properties and steering behavior. Possible emergencies, which can occur daily and unexpectedly, are also simulated - such as an unexpected obstacle during a motorway trip.

Opis zastosowanego rozwiazania

The FIA Homologated Debris Fence (DF350mL) was chosen for hazardous areas. Thus meeting the highest safety requirements.

The Geobrugg Debris Fence with a height of 3.5 meters was installed together with the company Zaunsysteme Weyrauch GmbH and certified by Geobrugg.

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Marty Hunt
Marty Hunt
Sales Manager Motorsport Solutions
Geobrugg AG