Kollobekken, Otta

Øvre Bekken, 2670, Otta, Norwegia
Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate
Geobrugg Geohazard Solutions
Fjerby AS
Chroniony Objekt
Road, Building, Residential area
Wysokość ochronna systemu
4.0 m
Dlugosc systemu od
2 m - 11 m
Ochrona przeciwerozyjna
Ilość barier
Pojemność retencyjna
500 m³
Sytuacja początkowa

In the years 2011 and 2013 two major debris flow incidents happened in Kollobekken, triggered by the combination of melting snow and heavy rain. Several houses where severely damaged by debris freight and water flooding and spreading across the settlements.

Opis zastosowanego rozwiazania

In March 2015 the NVE and the community decided to install a flexibke debris flow protection system type VX080-H4 to prevent future damages and protect the village. To avoid torrent erosion below the barrier, the mitigation measure was combined with plastering of the river sides and guiding the Kollobekken river through the settlement.

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Roger Moor
Roger Moor
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René Müller
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