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Understanding natural hazards through Rock & Roll

15 Ottobre 2019

Geobrug, let it rock!  More natural and, therefore, more complex than ever. 


Geobrugg and Geoprevent: Natural partners

3 Ottobre 2019

Swiss companies Geobrugg and Geoprevent proudly announce their strategic partnership. Geobrugg's high-tensile steel wire protection solutions and Geoprevent's alarm and monitoring systems are ideally matched in the field of natural hazards such as rockfall, landslides, or avalanches. From Geoprevent’s broad portfolio, Geobrugg will focus on the marketing of monitoring solutions with remote sensing.


Superquark meets Geobrugg

5 Agosto 2019

Questo servizio della Rai, una delle maggiori emittenti televisive italiane, mostra dal minuto 2:30 come Geobrugg testa le barriere paramassi. Il servizio spiega in modo esemplare perché le nostre reti ad alta resistenza sono così importanti per la mitigazione dei rischi naturali e come viene effettuata l'installazione di barriere paramassi (per lo più sistemi di stabilizzazione Tecco®) in Italia. Per chi non parla italiano - le immagini non richiedono spiegazioni: video.


Five hours to the first stroke

11 Luglio 2019

Tyrol/Austria, July 10th: Geobrugg carries out the final acceptance at 9 a.m. Five hours later: A 7.5-ton rock comes down towards a hiking trail and a country road. And is easily stopped by the RXE-500-LA barrier. This system provides easy installation, low anchor forces; and absolute reliability.


Geobrugg Andina SpA with ISO 9001 certification

12 Giugno 2019

Geobrugg Andina SpA is delighted to have been awarded ISO 9001:2015 certification. This standard ensures that our products and services meet the needs of our customers.


When there is no sunset

6 Giugno 2019

Midnattssolsloppet - the Midnight Sun Race will take place in Skellefteå, Sweden, on 14-15 June. Our Debris Fences, Pit Wall Fences/Gates and Marshal Posts protect the northernmost race in the world. Get the details


And the winner is: Geobrugg

24 Maggio 2019

In 2019 SWISS INOX, an association which promotes the use of stainless steel awards the PRIX INOX to Geobrugg and its research partner WITg for their high-tensile stainless steel chainlink mesh. Especially the innovative range of applications, from slope protection against natural hazards to protective nets for fish farming, convinced the jury.


Flexible debris flow barriers and their service ability proof

3 Maggio 2019

Flexible debris flow nets were developed within a three-year Ph.D. thesis by Wendeler in 2008. Since then, they have been used all over the world for debris flow protection or slope/riverbed stabilization. Some have already been filled a couple of times. Today, we present the first research on a serviceability method for scour and erosion issues on flexible debris flow nets. Design and calculation will be more economically and safely, maintenance costs will be minimized and a longer lifetime of the entire barrier system, including anchors as the most cost-intensive parts, can be provided. Impressions of the small field tests.


A paradise place is protected from landslides

26 Aprile 2019

One year later after historical rains that caused landslide damage to roadways and flooded homes, the Kuhio Highway will soon be open again.


Protezione dai rischi naturali nelle miniere a cielo aperto

27 Marzo 2019

Vi interessa sapere quanto è importante la protezione dai pericoli naturali nelle miniere? Allora non mancate di visitare, seppure virtualmente, la miniera di Kanmantoo, in Australia – in questo video o nella relazione del progetto. Le pareti scoscese, qui predominanti, presuppongono una gestione intensiva contro la caduta di massi che impieghi, oltre alle classiche barriere, anche consolidamenti attivi di scarpate, soluzioni ATTENUATOR o schermi di intercettazione paramassi.


Geobrugg Partner for Romania

25 Marzo 2019

Geobrugg and IRIDEX PLASTIC GROUP signed a partnership for Romania. A symposium on Geohazard Protection marked the official start in Bucharest on March 21st.


Blasting proves the barrier

22 Marzo 2019

150 meters above a state road, rock needles are blasted in Gundlfing/Germany. The explosion accelerates boulders to higher speeds than a natural rockfall. The 3000 kJ rockfall protection barrier withstands multiple impacts even into single fields.


Red Bull Ring first with a FIA-homologated Debris Fence

13 Marzo 2019

In 2014 the Red Bull Ring (Austria) was the first race track with a mobile debris fence from Geobrugg. Today Red Bull Ring is number 1, again -  with the new FIA homologated mDF350 mobil debris fence panels.  No. 00001 according to the plate.


Internal Training for Global Quality

8 Marzo 2019

Professional training on debris flow for Geobrugg internals. After a first theoretical module, our colleagues from all over the world stake out a debris flow barrier. At the end of the academy, they will present their calculations and their barriers. Watch the video


Successful rockfall protection in Tyrol

12 Febbraio 2019

This GBE-500A barrier holds around 100 cubic meters of soil erosion at Landeck, Tyrol.


High safety, small space demand

7 Febbraio 2019

Efficient safety on track: At Landquart the Rhaetian Railway operates a wood loading station. Parallel to this loading station runs one of the Swiss Federal Railways (SBB). Today, our protective fence prevents falling logs or small parts from falling onto adjacent tracks.


New FIA Standard: Geobrugg Motorsport Fences first to be homologated

31 Gennaio 2019

FIA (Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile) governing body of the motorsport introduced a new standard with performance criteria. The first homologated products according to this standard are the Geobrugg motorsport fences. Their Debris Fence and their Mobile Debris Fence meet the requirements of FIA Standard 3502-2018 debris fence. Read more


Slope stabilization for Diamond Mine in Siberia

30 Gennaio 2019

The open pit mine is located in Aykhal, Siberia as part of the Aykhal production site - one of the world-leading diamond producing companies ALROSA. Many rockfalls occur as a result of melting permafrost slopes. At this underground mine, trucks are permanently using the portal to the quarry.


Montecito residents organize their debris flow protection

21 Gennaio 2019

A year after the sad debris flow incidents at Montecito, California, the community has organized future protection: ring nets from Geobrugg. Pat McElroy and Les Firestein talk about their project at The Ellen Show.


A net roof protects the road to a mountain village in Valais

9 Gennaio 2019

At Vercorin/Switzerland, our CANOPY-System together with several tunnels protects the only connecting road to the village in total over 120 metres. Thanks to the low spatial requirements of the installation, the road could be kept open during the construction period. Today, visitors and residents reach the village much more safely - and with the best view of the picturesque mountain world.


Geobrugg now in Eastern Canada

11 Dicembre 2018

Geobrugg North America is now present in the Eastern Provinces of Canada: Kamal Khodja, who has a Master's Degree in Environmental Engineering Technology of the Université de Montréal, has been working in Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. He is experienced in geohazard solutions like rockfall mitigation, slope stabilization, and erosion control.  Contact Kamal


Hardly done, but used already

1 Dicembre 2018

The RXE-500-LA rockfall barrier is installed to protect parts of the village from repeated rockfalls. Just a few weeks after the installation, it became clear how important this decision was....


Big incident - small damage

27 Novembre 2018

Big incident - small damage. This rockfall solution in Surplattas/Switzerland has saved a crucial cantonal road from a major tree fall - and thus avoided a severe accident risk. 


Aggiornamento Software di dimensionamento Geobrugg

19 Novembre 2018

Lavori già con i nostri software di dimensionamento online RUVOLUM®, DEBFLOW, SHALLSLIDE o SPIDER®? Allora sappi che ne abbiamo migliorato l'utilizzo e aggiunto nuovi strumenti. Puoi leggere di seguito o accedere a myGeobrugg per verificare le nuove funzionalità.


Tokyo, FIA Intercontinental Drifting Cup 2018 / D1 Grand Prix

2 Novembre 2018

Tokyo: Also in 2018 our Partner Nexterior chose our FIA Mobile Debris Fence to protect the hot spots at the drifting races. This weekend, November 2-4: Watch the FIA Intercontinental Drifting Cup and the D1 Grand Prix in Japan. Have a glimpse of our fences!


When the going gets tough: debris flow barriers in Peru proof their sustainably

31 Ottobre 2018

22 debris flow barriers were installed in Peru, near Lima (Chosica) in 2015/2016. In March 2017 El Niño Costero the worst storms of the past 30 years caused heavy rains, floods, and landslides. The barriers successfully protected the area. Two barriers were filled to 95 percent capacity, which is a volume of 10,000 m³.  Today, in 2018 the affected elements have been restored. For the whole story check our project database.


From the race track to the road - Geobrugg protection system

25 Ottobre 2018

Our fences in a temporary operation in Germany mean more safety for workers and drivers. The concrete part of our mobile barriers is a product of our partner NORDBETON. Find more pictures in the gallery of this news.


TECCO® makes it big

19 Ottobre 2018

In early 2018, a massive landslide took place near the Austrian community of Ladis, in Tyrol. In this touristy region, a highly travelled road was completely buried. A sustainable solution had to be found for this major connecting road.


Britannia Creek: North America's record clear span debris flow barrier

1 Ottobre 2018

This is Jessica Taylor from Tangiers Mountain Construction Ltd. She and her team were at Britannia Creek to install the tallest and widest clear span debris flow barrier in North America. More about Britannia Creek


All our barriers included to RocFall 2019

24 Settembre 2018

All Geobrugg rockfall barriers are now included in the Barrier Design Library of the simulation program RocFall.


World's first dimensionable attenuator system

29 Agosto 2018

Geobrugg developed together with international experts an attenuator protection solution which can be efficiently dimensioned. This innovative rockfall protection is a modified rockfall drape providing particularly efficient protection. The dimensioning concept was presented to experts in British Columbia/Canada at the end of August.


Trishuli Power Plant in Nepal

17 Agosto 2018

Trishuli 3A Hydropower, Nepal: After the damages of the 2015 earthquakes, today four rockfall barrier lines and a slope stabilization system are protecting the powerplant.


Iron Drift King at Ferropolis

16 Agosto 2018

Iron Drift King 2018 at Ferropolis: Installation of Geobrugg mobile debris fences.


Doctoral thesis on debris flow

14 Agosto 2018

Dynamics and hazards of debris flow: Application in the Catalan Pyrenees: The doctoral thesis (Spanish only) of our colleague Carles Raïmat can be found in our download center.


Geobrugg is now in Argentina

8 Agosto 2018

Geobrugg is now present in Argentina. Meet Gustavo Racioppi at the 8ª Jornadas de Tunelería y Espacios Subterráneos in Buenos Aires, 5 - 7 September.


Un orso in rete – ma libero come non mai

26 Luglio 2018

Ecco una storia estiva a lieto fine: con l’ausilio di una recinzione Geobrugg particolarmente resistente, è stato possibile costruire un rifugio adatto agli orsi in cattività.


Romania: GBE-3000A rockfall barrier withstands 10 t tree impact

13 Luglio 2018

Romania: A tree with an estimated weight of 10 tons fell on the top support ropes of a GBE-3000A rockfall barrier.


Update: GREENAX® 3 years later

5 Luglio 2018

This picture was taken three years after installation in Portugal. Vegetation has already covered most of the DELTAX® mesh and the GREENAX® mesh/mat composite.


Tree Impact in Slovenia

27 Giugno 2018

This rockfall barrier at Železniki held back a falling tree from going down the road. The barrier is an RXI-025: 4 meters high, 48 meters long, year of installation 2008.


Formel 1 back on Paul Ricard - with our fences

20 Giugno 2018

Formula 1 is back at Le Castellet on the Circuit Paul Ricard. We are proud of our contribution. Thank you for your trust in our products. Merci!


300 tons of certainty

14 Giugno 2018

This new facility works in the background: Our testing laboratory thoroughly tests all materials from our production sites worldwide.


Geobrugg Sales Office for Costa Rica

31 Maggio 2018

Costa Rica: The First Lady Claudia Dobles at the ARCOS congress. Also Costa Rica: Geobrugg opens a sales office in San José.


Kuwait Motor Town relies on Geobrugg

11 Maggio 2018

Kuwait Motor Town is a new pace making destination with a unique FIA grade 1 circuit.


Our motorsport fences in Swedish Lapland

4 Maggio 2018

This clip of the Skellefteå Drive Center shows a future track and our fences in Swedish Lapland.


This barrier did its job!

17 Aprile 2018

È stata installata 10 anni or sono nella Svizzera Meridionale nei pressi di Ronco s/ Ascona e l'evento si è verificato nell'aprile 2018.


Scientific collaboration all over the world

12 Aprile 2018

Scientific collaboration all over the world


Avalanche (non-)prevention structure

28 Marzo 2018

This clip shows how an avalanche prevention structure does not work.


40 blocks of stone stopped at once

16 Marzo 2018

In the Swiss canton of Valais RXE-1000 barriers stopped a rockfall with blocks up to 2 m³ in size.


Geobrugg North America increases production capacity

6 Marzo 2018

On 6 March 2018, Geobrugg North America officially opened a new production buildingy in Algodones, New Mexico.


Cosa succede dove e quando?

13 Febbraio 2018

A queste ed altre domande troverai una risposta cliccando eventi. 


Chinese motorsport relies on Geobrugg

2 Febbraio 2018

Geobrugg's fences at China's impressing motorsport playground in Shaoxing.


A progressive solution against regressive erosion

8 Gennaio 2018

Read how our debris flow barrier protects the gallery at Maachi in Switzerland.


Most important Hindu pilgrimage site finally safe

13 Dicembre 2017

Vaishno Devi is the most important Hindu temple in India, thousands of pilgrims come to this shrine every year. In the past they were exposed to a great danger of falling rocks .


Protezione contro le inondazioni fuori standard

7 Dicembre 2017

Il villaggio di Lenk nell'Oberland bernese (Svizzera) è stato nella storia ripetutamente colpito da colate detritiche


First 5000 kilojoule barrier in Ecuador

4 Dicembre 2017

The installation of the RXE-5000 rockfall barrier was completed in November last year on the slope of Tahual in El Descanso - Paute, province of Azuay, Ecuador.


Geobrugg Landslide Barrier awarded

28 Novembre 2017

The Bulli Pass Landslide Barrier Project was successful in winning the Institute of Public Works Engineers Australasia (NSW IPWEA) Award for Excellence in Road Safety Engineering.


Convegno a Abano Terme: Vivere in sicurezza risparmiando

21 Novembre 2017

Convegno, mercoledì 29 novembre, Fondazione Ingegneri Padova (foto), ad Abano Terme.


Congreso Nacional de la Infraestructura, Colombia

16 Novembre 2017

Taking pictures for the 14 Congreso nacional de la infraestructura in Bogotá, Colombia, 22 - 24 November.


GBE-1000A protects Slovenian road from falling tree

9 Novembre 2017

This GBE-1000A rockfall barrier- successfully - protected a Slovenian road near the city of Idrija - diameter of the trunk is half a meter


GEC Geotechnik expo & congress

23 Ottobre 2017

Find us at the GEC Geotechnik Congress 2017 in Offenburg from October 25 to 26.


Test al Passo Flüela, in Svizzera test in tempo

17 Ottobre 2017

L' Istituto per lo studio della neve e delle valanghe SLF ha condotto per la prima volta test di caduta massi sul campo di fronte a un pubblico.


Record mondiale nella protezione dalla caduta massi

16 Ottobre 2017

Il 16 ottobre 2017, una barriera paramassi de Geobrugg resiste a un’energia d’impatto di 10’000 kilojoule e conquista un nuovo record mondiale.


FIA Intercontinental Drift Cup in Odaiba, Tokyo

6 Ottobre 2017

Our Mobile FIA Debris Fence protect at the FIA Intercontinental Drift Cup in Odaiba, Tokyo.


2nd Georado "Praxistag" 2017

26 Settembre 2017

The 2nd Georado Praxistag will take place on October 26th in Dorfhain, near Dresden.


RXE-500-LA: per energie d’impatto fino a 500kJ

21 Settembre 2017

La barriera paramassi RXE-500-LA è l’ultimo risultato, in ordine di tempo, del nostro continuo lavoro di ricerca e sviluppo.


Circuit Paul Ricard reopened with FIA Debris Fence

15 Settembre 2017

The classic Paul Ricard race track in the South of France has been upgraded with our FIA Debris Fence.


9th South African Young Geotechnical Engineers Conference

11 Settembre 2017

13, 14 & 15 September 2017: Meet us at the 9th South African Young Geotechnical Engineers Conference (SAYGEC) at the Salt Rock Hotel, Salt Rock, Dolphin Coast, Durban, KwaZulu-Natal.


Highway E75 in Serbia successfully protected

7 Settembre 2017

Rock falls successfully held back at the Highway E75 Grabovnica-Grdelica in Serbia.


Training for Geobrugg experts

1 Settembre 2017

To ensure quality at all levels our experts do regular trainings. Yesterday the Geobrugg hydro design academy certified seven colleagues from all over the world.


Protection for Asia’s longest road tunnel

24 Agosto 2017

32’000 m² TECCO® G65/3 are protecting Asia’s longest road tunnel in India.


Multi-level debris flow barrier for Toconao in Chile

16 Agosto 2017

In our project, we describe how a multi-level debris flow barrier protects the Toconao area today.


Le barriere Debris Flows di Geobrugg ora con marchiatura CE

4 Agosto 2017

Le barriere UX- e VX- di Geobrugg, sulla base del Documento Europeo di Valutazione (EAD), hanno brillantemente superato lo scoglio tecnico della marchiatura CE.


Congress Geotechnics, September 6 - 8

3 Agosto 2017

We are looking forward to meeting you at this congress in Würzburg.


Geobrugg at Georado: Tangible examples of protective systems

19 Luglio 2017

At the end of June, the GEORADO geotechnical world opened its gates. GEORADO is a permanent exhibition close to Dresden (Germany) where the most important natural hazard mitigation systems are permanently displayed


Se manca il codice a barra non è originale

6 Luglio 2017

D’ora innanzi la sua autenticità potrà essere facilmente verificata e riconosciuta dal codice a barra presente sulla maglia della rete.


Marcado CE completo para TECCO® System³

27 Giugno 2017

Marchio "CE" per tutti i componenti del TECCO® SYSTEM³


Rock face stabilization Werthenstein on TV

26 Giugno 2017

The rock face stabilization underneath the monastery of Werthenstein can be watched on TV.


Tamina Bridge: Rockfall drape protects access road

22 Giugno 2017

The access road to the Tamina Bridge is protected by a rockfall drape.


FIA Sport MotorEx 2017

16 Giugno 2017

Find us at the FIA Sport MotorEx 2017 conference in Geneva from June 20 to 22.


Vettel and Raikkonen hold on to Geobrugg ROMBO®

23 Maggio 2017

The Italian newspaper La Stampa published this picture showing the two famous racing drivers Sebastian Vettel and Kimi Raikonen in front of our mesh. ROMBO® is used to protect race tracks all over the world.


CE Marchio: Barriere contro le frane superficiali e TECCO® STAINLESS G65/3

9 Maggio 2017

Numerosi oggetti di uso comune dispongono del marchio CE, a conferma che il prodotto soddisfa i più elevati requisiti di sicurezza nella specifica categoria.


Product Training at Geobrugg

3 Maggio 2017

The quality of our products goes together with our know how: Working with Geobrugg means to attend a product training in Switzerland.


World Landslide Forum Ljubljana 2017

25 Aprile 2017

Find us at the World Landslide Forum in Ljubljana from May 29 to June 2.


Interalpin Innsbruck 2017

31 Marzo 2017

We are at the Interalpin in Innsbruck / Austria from April 26 to 28.


RocExs Barcelona 2017

30 Marzo 2017

Meet our team at the RocExs Barcelona in Spain from May 22 to 24.


Peru Flooding: Geobrugg debris flow barriers subjected to the most difficult test

24 Marzo 2017

A year ago 22 debris flow barriers were installed in Chosica. Now "El Niño Costero" has struck again, with the worst storms of the past 30 years in the north of Peru. Causing heavy rains, floods and landslides, which have caused in fatalities and damage to properties.


Gibraltar: Rockfall protection with a RXE-5000

17 Marzo 2017

In February 2017 we supplied a RXE-5000 barrier to Gibraltar.


myGeobrugg - l’estensione del nostro sito internet

9 Marzo 2017

myGeobrugg - dell’estensione del nostro sito internet che da la possibilità di scaricare documenti e concedere l’accesso alle applicazioni tecniche di dimensionamento. Non perdere tempo e registrati subito per scoprire in prima persona che cosa ti offre myGeobrugg.


RXE-3000 barrier protects Bogota

27 Febbraio 2017

This rockfall barrier RXE-3000 was installed above Bogota. If you know Spanish: Read about it in El Nuevo Siglo


Cockermouth Castle stable thanks to new TECCO® G45/2

23 Febbraio 2017

A slope at Cockermouth Castle was seriously damaged by storms. The fine grained soil beneath the historic building was stabilized with TECCO® G45/2 mesh and an erosion control mat efficiently and aesthetically.


"Camarillo Springs barriers ... protect homes ..."

6 Febbraio 2017

Watch the clip on keyt-tv, Santa Barbara, or check the project on our website.


Canadian Union Clac about Cougar Corner

30 Gennaio 2017

The Canadian Union Clac published a beautiful - it really is - editorial about our avalanche project Cougar Corner.


Lifesaving debris flow barriers in Peru

26 Gennaio 2017

In February 2016 we installed 22 debris flow barriers in Peru.


Protection for the Berlin events at the end of the year

28 Dicembre 2016

Our business partner and manufacturer of the barriers, NORDBETON wants to contribute to the safety of the Berliners with voluntary activities.


Cougar Corner Slide Area - the largest snow net project outside of the Alps

14 Dicembre 2016

In December 2015, Parks Canada invited contractors to bid on installing approximately 2000 linear meters of snow nets in Glacier National Park, situated in the heart of the Canadian Rocky Mountains


Transito sicuro dopo il terremoto

13 Dicembre 2016

Le scosse di terremoto, che a più riprese hanno colpito e devastato recentemente  il Centro Italia, hanno provocato importanti fenomeni di caduta massi lungo la Strada Statale 4 “Salaria”.


RXE-8000 barrier in perfect state after scaling

5 Dicembre 2016

After scaling, this Rockfall RXE 8000 was filled halfway. Testing showed the barrier remained in perfect condition.  No parts needed to be replaced.


International Ground Support Summit in Santiago de Chile

18 Novembre 2016

Organized by the Camera de Comercio Chileno-Suiza and under the patronage of CODELCO and Geobrugg Andina S.A. the 1st International Ground Support Summit took place in Santiago de Chile.


European Medal for Merit in Work for Geobrugg Iberica

16 Novembre 2016

On November 4th, 2016 the team of Geobrugg Iberica was awarded the European Medal for Merit in Work granted by the European Association of Economy and Competitiveness.


Ecology: TECCO® is the the best solution

20 Ottobre 2016

Study: Protection solutions of steel wire mesh are no. 1 in ecology.


Barriere debris fence e pit wall Geobrugg per sport a motore

27 Settembre 2016

Due prodotti completano la nostra gamma: le barriere debris fence e i Pit Wall Geobrugg.


La barriera paramassi RXE-500 raggiunge nuove altezze con l'omologazione ETAG-27

19 Settembre 2016

Il nostro sistema di protezione contro la caduta massi RXE-500 ha ottenuto di recente la certificazione ETA per altezze comprese tra 3 e 5 metri.


Barriera paramassi GBE-100A-R. Leggera, compatta e con doppia certificazione

16 Settembre 2016

La nostra barriera GBE-100A-R soddisfa sia lo standard ETAG 027, che le Linee guida FOEN


TECCO® GREEN - protezione dei versanti e contro l’erosione, installato in una sola operazione

13 Settembre 2016

TECCO® GREEN - protezione dei versanti e contro l'erosione, installato in una sola operazione


Rapporto dal Consiglio federale «Pericoli naturali in Svizzera 2016»

24 Agosto 2016

Pericoli naturali in Svizzera: come agire per la nostra sicurezza?


Eurock 2016 in Cappadocia

17 Agosto 2016

Meet our team at the Eurock from August 29 to 31.


Minster Constance with protecting cupolas

2 Agosto 2016

Since the end of July 2016, accidents and suicides at the viewing platforms of the Minster of Constance are being prevented with cupola shaped nets.


El teniente is focusing on safety at new mine level site

13 Luglio 2016

In the latest edition of Mining & Construction Atlas Copco is describing "How El teniente is focusing on safety at new Mine Level site."


Infrastructure protection in mining

8 Luglio 2016

For an open iron ore mine southeast of Kiruna (Sweden) the mine operator required protection for five infrastructure buildings.


Now in English: Dissertation Debris-Flow Protection Systems for Mountain Torrents

29 Giugno 2016

The Swiss Federal Institute for Forest, Snow and Landscape Research (WSL) has translated the doctoral dissertation of Geobrugg’s CTO Corinna Wendeler.


Geobrugg donates spectator protection system to motorsport safety foundation's adopt-a-corner program

28 Giugno 2016

Racing News/Speedway Digest: "Global protection systems company Geobrugg has donated 40 meters of debris fencing to the Motorsport Safety Foundations's Adopt-a-Corner initiative.


New: TECCO® G45/2: for slopes with fine loose soil

21 Giugno 2016

With a mesh opening of 45 millimeters and the harmonized spike plate P25, TECCO® G65/2 stabilizes slopes having very fine loose soil.


Waiting for the floods - Swiss television showing debris flow barrier

16 Giugno 2016

Heavy rainfalls in Switzerland: Swiss television SRF shows one of our debris flow barriers (stop at 3 minutes).


Interpraevent 2016: Downloads available

7 Giugno 2016

If you happened to miss the event, the presentations, field guides, and posters are now available.


Formula E race in Berlin with Geobrugg barriers

18 Maggio 2016

We provided the mobile Geobrugg FIA debris fence to protect the spectators along the city circuit for the ePrix Berlin 2016 event.


La sicurezza di una strada panoramica intorno a Cape Point

2 Maggio 2016

Chapman's Peak Drive è protetta da cinque barriere contro le colate detritiche e smottamenti - la prima installazione del genere in Africa.


Project in Camarillo Springs builds barriers

4 Gennaio 2016

After wildfires stripped the hills bare of vegetation, torrential rains created significant debris flow events impacting and devastating homes. Geobrugg delivered material and Access Limited completed installation well ahead of the January 31st deadline. El Niño reached California the very next week and the Geobrugg barriers performed as designed.


Landslide in Scotland successfully stopped

29 Dicembre 2015

On Saturday 5th December during storm Desmond that affected most parts of the UK a substantial landslide occurred at the A83 Rest and be Thankful. During the daytime an event estimated at 150m3 struck a Geobrugg SL-150 barrier, the barrier successfully held the event and there was no need to close the road.


GEO-Summit is the new knowledge summit

2 Dicembre 2015

In this two-day GEO-Summit conference series, Geobrugg created a unique forum to exchange knowledge about geohazard protection.


Successful pilot project for TECCO Stainless

2 Dicembre 2015

Our pilot project for stainless steel based slope stabilization in Parton Rocks, England was a big success


TECCO Stainless ready for the island

2 Dicembre 2015

Our mesh made of stainless steel, a new addition in the TECCO® SYSTEM3, is already in demand


TECCO® SYSTEM3 now in stainless steel

2 Dicembre 2015

TECCO® Stainless is - simply put - the stainless steel version of our well-known TECCO® SYSTEM3


Scenic spot in Chongqing Taohuayuan secured

4 Novembre 2015

The Fuxi Hole is a natural karst cave located in Chongqing Taohuayuan, which serves as an entrance to a beautiful valley. Unfortunately, the risk of rockfall was very high in the Fuxi Hole and Geobrugg was asked to provide a solution.


Geobrugg in the “perfect defile”

12 Agosto 2015

It is one of the most spectacular canyons in the state of Montana: the Prickly Pear Canyon. The first road builders called it “a perfect defile”, and we, too, consider it a sensation.


Rockfall in the old city of San Francisco

9 Luglio 2015

Telegraph Hill in San Francisco is steeped in history. Now it is up to Geobrugg to protect one of San Francisco's oldest districts from the danger of rockfall.


No terrain too rough

18 Giugno 2015

The installation of two RXE rockfall protection barriers on an almost vertical hill required highest concentration of our assembly team. Sounds like “Mission Impossible”? Not for Geobrugg.


Geobrugg: Fast & Furious

29 Maggio 2015

Speed record before the race! The formula E Grand Prix in Berlin was an electrifying event – not only for drivers and fans, but also for our technicians and mechanics.


Geobrugg protection for the boy scouts

11 Maggio 2015

The Tourist Trophy on the Isle of Man is a motorcycle race for the hard-boiled: The riders reach up to 320 km per hour. The local boy scouts are as close to the track as you can get: It is their duty to run scoreboard - a most dangerous job.


We rocked!

30 Aprile 2015

On April 23, we were having a blast: The International Rockfall Protection Conference 2015 brought 250 guests from 38 countries together to a spectacle, special effects included.


Geobrugg meets Formula E

25 Marzo 2015

On May 23, 2015, the Formula E ePrix race is going to take place in Berlin. The spectators will be protected by Geobrugg Panelized Debris Fences.


Geobrugg sponsors student competition

6 Marzo 2015

The 13th International Congress on Rock Mechanics will be held in conjunction with the CIM Convention 2015 in Montréal, Québec, Canada, from May 10 to 13, 2015 with participation of Geobrugg.



Rock face secured at Point Bonita Lighthouse

18 Febbraio 2015

Due to years of exposure, the point's rock mass was fracturing and displaying signs of instability. Stabilization was required to support the weight of a modern bridge without fracturing further.


ETApprovals change to ETAssessments

2 Febbraio 2015

The quality and functionality of products such as Geobrugg Rockfall Barriers for the European Market are verified and approved by means of ETA certificates by the European Organisation for Technical Assessment EOTA.


Installation of TECCO® SYSTEM3 in an earth retention project

27 Gennaio 2015

TEI customer GeoFirma LLC, Nashville, Tennessee recently completed a difficult earth retention project near Nashville, Tennessee for a natural gas pipeline.


Geobrugg Debris Fences protect the first Russian Formula 1 Grand Prix

23 Ottobre 2014

On October 12, 2014, the first Formula One Grand Prix took place in Sochi, Russia. The 65’000 spectators were well protected from any race car casualties on the circuit by Geobrugg protection fences.


Rockfall stopped before crashing into tank

10 Settembre 2014

During scaling operations, an approx. 3.5 m3 large rock broke off the slope. Thanks to the protection measure the rock was deposited safely at the toe of the slope without any damage to the mesh!


Diana Falls Attenuator Project, Haast Pass, New Zealand

9 Settembre 2014

See a television footage of a current project at Diana Falls in New Zealand: Geobrugg designed and supplied 3 x 50 m wide attenuator barriers to mitigate future rockfall risk from a large landslide that occurred over 12 months ago.


Explosion: safety net prevents worse

3 Settembre 2014

In July 2014, a tremendous explosion in Stahl Gerlafingen AG’s factory catapulted blazing hot slag blocks across the plant area. Some of the larger blocks fell into an adjacent man-camp and luckily, nobody was injured or killed.


GBE-1000A rockfall barrier withstands truck fall!

6 Agosto 2014

In Spain, a lightly loaded truck (a 45 ton dumper) fell 25 m down a steep slope and was stopped by a GBE-1000A barrier.


Prima barriera Geobrugg UX per flussi di detriti sulle montagne canadesi!

10 Giugno 2014

Nel mese di giugno 2013 un'intensa tempesta, contemporaneamente allo scioglimento delle superfici nevose, ha generato un abbondante flusso di detriti che ha danneggiato le infrastrutture e le costruzioni situate nel cono alluvionale di Cougar Creek nel comune di Canmore.


Geobrugg panelized debris fence at Automotive Testing, Papenburg

9 Giugno 2014

The ATP Automotive Testing Papenburg GmbH operates one of the largest and most manufacturer independent automotive proving grounds for passenger and commercial vehicles in the world. Geobrugg Security Engineering was asked to develop a solution to protect garages close to the track of the proving ground.


Anteprima mondiale sulle montagne svizzere

30 Maggio 2014

Dal 21 al 23 maggio è nuovamente scoccata l'ora per l'International Rockfall Protection Conference 2014 organizzata da Geobrugg.


Geobrugg Motorsport Fencing goes FIA Sport MotorEx 2014

21 Maggio 2014

Geobrugg will be present with the newly developed panelized Debris Fence together with its partner NORDBETON. You are highly welcome to visit us at booth no. 16.


World premiere in the Swiss mountains

12 Maggio 2014

For the first time, a flexible rockfall protection canopy will be shown live to an international expert audience from more than 25 countries on Geobrugg AG’s test site.


Protection for Formula 1 in Sochi

14 Aprile 2014

From Lake Constance to the Black Sea: Geobrugg from Romanshorn, Switzerland, is delivering high-strength FIA Debris Fences for the new Formula 1 racetrack in the Olympic town of Sochi, thereby establishing itself as the world market leader in this sector.


TECCO® SYSTEM3 stabilise significant highwall failure in Australia (by Geovert)

9 Aprile 2014

Rio Tinto, a British-Australian multinational metals and mining corporation, contacted Geovert, one of our customers in Australia, after the West Angelas pit suffered a significant high wall failure on the north wall of the Centre Pit North (CEPN).


Strutture di preventione valanghe e caduta massi rocciosi

18 Marzo 2014

Le barriere fermaneve devono spesso contenere sia la pressione della neve sia la caduta di massi e detriti.


La barriera anti-smottamento flessibile più grande al mondo

3 Marzo 2014

In collaborazione con Fatzer, Geobrugg ha installato nell'Oberland Bernese in Svizzera la barriera anti-smottamento più grande al mondo nel suo genere, appositamente progettata e dimensionata.


Certificazioni della struttura per l'intercattazione e l'arresto di massi rocciosi RXE

28 Febbraio 2014

Oltre all'elevato assorbimento di energia, la barriera paramassi RXE definisce nuovi standard di deformazione.


TECCO® SYSTEM3 - la stabilità per il tuo versante

28 Febbraio 2014

Sicurezza, costi e sostenibilità - queste caratteristiche hanno reso il sistema di stabilizzazione per i versanti TECCO® un successo mondiale unico.


Oro per Geobrugg, la qualità svizzera vince a Sochi

18 Febbraio 2014

Dopo estenuanti trattative, Geobrugg si è aggiudicata all'ultimo minuto la commessa per la realizzazione di diversi progetti ai giochi olimpici invernali di Sochi in Russia.


Geobrugg Debris Fence for Yas Marina Race Circuit in Abu Dhabi

6 Febbraio 2014

In September 2013, Geobrugg Security Engineering delivered and installed a 300 meter long Debris Fence solution approved by FIA at the Formula 1 race circuit for Yas Marina in Abu Dhabi.


Geobrugg announce partnership with NORDBETON GmbH

14 Gennaio 2014

Geobrugg Security Engineering, the leading supplier of FIA Debris Fences, is proud to announce the partnership with NORDBETON GmbH. NORDBETON GmbH .


Successful Annual Meeting of Geobrugg Geohazard Solutions

23 Dicembre 2013

On November 4 and 5, the Geobrugg Annual Meeting 2013 took place in Zurich/Winterthur. Over 170 Geobrugg employees, affiliates and key customers from different markets were welcomed, representing 42 countries.