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A net roof protects the road to a mountain village in Valais

9 Janeiro 2019

At Vercorin/Switzerland, our CANOPY-System together with several tunnels protects the only connecting road to the village (project description) in total over 120 metres. Thanks to the low spatial requirements of the installation, the road could be kept open during the construction period. Today, visitors and residents reach the village much more safely - and with the best view of the picturesque mountain world.

Our CANOPY-rockfall protection system protects like a gallery. It propels falling rock from out of the danger zone and thus empties itself. As an extension to concrete galleries and tunnels, the flexible rockfall galleries are quickly installed, extremely low maintenance and thus cost-effective.

We have tested the new rockfall protection – just like our barriers – in compliance with the strict ETAG 027 directive. This prescribes dropping a test body in free fall. The Video of the test