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up to 500 kJ, extremely low anchoring forces, uniform energy absorption to the boundary of the fence

RXE-500-LA: for impact energies up to 500 kJ

21 Setembro 2017

The RXE-500-LA rockfall barrier is our latest development. This system protects against impact energies up to 500 kJ and combines many benefits such as:

Uniquely low anchor forces
Short anchors are sufficient. This lowers the drilling time for the installations and thus considerably reduces the overall costs of the project. 

One-field barriers with full absorption capacity
Modifications for short barriers are unnecessary: RXE-500-LA is also a cost-effective one-field solution and the system is quickly installed

Boundaries with full absorption capacity
As the capacity of the barrier is continous throughout its length cost intensive overlapping when installing multiple fences is not required.

On our website you will not only find all our product information, but we will also present two projects (Lockstein / Unterpinswang)  that have already been realised.