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Geobrugg installation of rockfall protection and slope stabilization system TECCO® and SPIDER® in San Francisco.

Rockfall in the old city of San Francisco

9 Luglio 2015

Some of San Francisco’s oldest buildings are situated on Telegraph Hill – a unique but endangered neighborhood. Falling rocks have caused damage several times. In 2012 some chunks the size of minivans plummeted down the hill. The city is responding to this threat. In collaboration with GeoStabilization International Geobrugg is protecting the hill with 19,000 ft2 (1.765 m2) of SPIDER® S4-230 backed by 22,000 ft2 (2.043 m2) of high-tensile G65/4mm TECCO® mesh. This will improve the safety and stability of the hillside and reduce the potential for future rockslides. We are proud to be a member of the conservation efforts to protect this iconic district of San Francisco.