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New TECCO® book

10 Luglio 2020

Here comes the updated version with new chapters on CE-marking, large field tests, and our dimensioning tool RUVOLUM®. Available as a PDF on


Hoover Dam protected from Rockfall

9 Luglio 2020

GBE-barrier - protection at the Hoover Dam


Stubach, Austria: 9 tons of tree impact

8 Giugno 2020

This RXE-2000 barrier is over 5 meters high. The tree was about 22 meters high and weighs nearly 9 tons. The replacement of the affected rings and the post is planned. The suspension rope will not be damaged.


Geobrugg Webinars

4 Maggio 2020

We are offering webinars: Geobrugg experts from all over the world present basic and advanced topics on geohazard, mining and motorsport protection.


Aggiornamento Coronavirus – Geobrugg

23 Marzo 2020

Come Geobrugg prendiamo sul serio l’epidemia e la diffusione mondiale del coronavirus. La protezione e la salute dei nostri impiegati, dei clienti, dei fornitori e di tutti i nostri partner è la nostra più grande priorità. Allo stesso tempo, il nostro obiettivo è rendere disponibili le nostre soluzioni nel miglior modo possibile e di essere al vostro fianco come il partner affidabile a cui siete da sempre abituati.


Brugg Kabel AG: Promising future with Terna

3 Marzo 2020

Brugg Kabel AG, one of the 5 divisions of the BRUGG Group to date, has been incorporated into the Italian Terna Group as of 1 March 2020. BRUGG GROUP media release


Zandvoort's Banked Turns Completed Ahead of F1 Return

27 Febbraio 2020

The creation of Zandvoort's unique banking has been a joint effort between circuit design and safety companies across the world.


German Federal Railway Authority renews the approval for TECCO® system

15 Gennaio 2020

Geobrugg's TECCO® system has once again received approval from the German Federal Railway Authority. The system fulfills the rigorous requirements since 2009 and is allowed to be used for slope stabilization on the federal railways. Approval in German (28 pages)


Just installed: the world's strongest rockfall barrier!

16 Dicembre 2019

112 meters of a flexible ring net barrier with a capacity of over 10,000 kJ! Installed in Mölltal, Austria, protecting a residential area and the main traffic route. See a videoclip of the prehistory and the installation itself here.

Just installed: the world's strongest rockfall barrier!

Infrastructure Initiatives Of Business

13 Dicembre 2019

Representatives of Geobrugg took part in the forum Infrastructure Initiatives Of Business organized by the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs and held on November 29, 2019 in Moscow. Check where to meet teams from Geobrugg all over the world.


F1 Fence Posts Break Ground at Zandvoort

9 Dicembre 2019

The installation of FIA homologated debris fences has begun at the Zandvoort circuit, Netherlands, a key milestone for upgrading the track to host Formula 1 in 2020. 


Avalanche Prevention in Sørøya / Norway

4 Dicembre 2019

The Geobrugg SPIDER® avalanche prevention system protects the main road on the island Sørøya / Norway from avalanches and rockfalls during the snow-free period.

See footage of the installation in the fantastic landscape.

Find project Details here

Avalanche Prevention in Sørøya / Norway

Major Rockfall at the Swiss Bruenig Pass

25 Ottobre 2019

This rockfall occurred on October 17, at the Brünigpass (Switzerland). The most massive blocks were estimated at 3.5 cubic meters. No people were injured. The barriers - their height is six meters - will be repaired in November.

Detailed information on the project


4 tons rockfall on the Moselle river

25 Ottobre 2019

October 22, 2019: A four-ton block had come loose above the village of Valwig at the River Moselle. Fortunately, the rock was stopped by a catch fence. This rockfall barrier model GBE-1000A was built in 2013. With some minor repairs, it will remain fully functional.


Caduta massi bloccata a Campogrosso (Veneto)

21 Ottobre 2019

Del materiale staccatosi dalla parete rocciosa situata all’altezza del Km 0+800 lungo la SP 99 Campogrosso in località Giorgetti nel Comune di Recoaro (VI) è stato intercettato dalla barriera GBE-1000A installata in seguito ai numerosi dissesti avvenuti in maggio 2019.


Understanding natural hazards through Rock & Roll

15 Ottobre 2019

Geobrugg, let it rock!  More natural and, therefore, more complex than ever. 


Geobrugg and Geoprevent: Natural partners

3 Ottobre 2019

Swiss companies Geobrugg and Geoprevent proudly announce their strategic partnership. Geobrugg's high-tensile steel wire protection solutions and Geoprevent's alarm and monitoring systems are ideally matched in the field of natural hazards such as rockfall, landslides, or avalanches. From Geoprevent’s broad portfolio, Geobrugg will focus on the marketing of monitoring solutions with remote sensing.


Superquark meets Geobrugg

5 Agosto 2019

Questo servizio della Rai, una delle maggiori emittenti televisive italiane, mostra dal minuto 2:30 come Geobrugg testa le barriere paramassi. Il servizio spiega in modo esemplare perché le nostre reti ad alta resistenza sono così importanti per la mitigazione dei rischi naturali e come viene effettuata l'installazione di barriere paramassi (per lo più sistemi di stabilizzazione Tecco®) in Italia. Per chi non parla italiano - le immagini non richiedono spiegazioni: video.


Five hours to the first stroke

11 Luglio 2019

Tyrol/Austria, July 10th: Geobrugg carries out the final acceptance at 9 a.m. Five hours later: A 7.5-ton rock comes down towards a hiking trail and a country road. And is easily stopped by the RXE-500-LA barrier. This system provides easy installation, low anchor forces; and absolute reliability.


Geobrugg Andina SpA with ISO 9001 certification

12 Giugno 2019

Geobrugg Andina SpA is delighted to have been awarded ISO 9001:2015 certification. This standard ensures that our products and services meet the needs of our customers.


When there is no sunset

6 Giugno 2019

Midnattssolsloppet - the Midnight Sun Race will take place in Skellefteå, Sweden, on 14-15 June. Our Debris Fences, Pit Wall Fences/Gates and Marshal Posts protect the northernmost race in the world. Get the details


And the winner is: Geobrugg

24 Maggio 2019

In 2019 SWISS INOX, an association which promotes the use of stainless steel awards the PRIX INOX to Geobrugg and its research partner WITg for their high-tensile stainless steel chainlink mesh. Especially the innovative range of applications, from slope protection against natural hazards to protective nets for fish farming, convinced the jury.


Flexible debris flow barriers and their service ability proof

3 Maggio 2019

Flexible debris flow nets were developed within a three-year Ph.D. thesis by Wendeler in 2008. Since then, they have been used all over the world for debris flow protection or slope/riverbed stabilization. Some have already been filled a couple of times. Today, we present the first research on a serviceability method for scour and erosion issues on flexible debris flow nets. Design and calculation will be more economically and safely, maintenance costs will be minimized and a longer lifetime of the entire barrier system, including anchors as the most cost-intensive parts, can be provided. Impressions of the small field tests.


A paradise place is protected from landslides

26 Aprile 2019

One year later after historical rains that caused landslide damage to roadways and flooded homes, the Kuhio Highway will soon be open again.


Protezione dai rischi naturali nelle miniere a cielo aperto

27 Marzo 2019

Vi interessa sapere quanto è importante la protezione dai pericoli naturali nelle miniere? Allora non mancate di visitare, seppure virtualmente, la miniera di Kanmantoo, in Australia – in questo video o nella relazione del progetto. Le pareti scoscese, qui predominanti, presuppongono una gestione intensiva contro la caduta di massi che impieghi, oltre alle classiche barriere, anche consolidamenti attivi di scarpate, soluzioni ATTENUATOR o schermi di intercettazione paramassi.