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Geohazards 8

  • Québec
  • 12 - 15 Giugno 2022
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  • Congressi/Fiere
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  • Musée de la civilisation
    85 Rue Dalhousie
    CA QC G1K 8R2 Québec


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    Kathryn Byrnes


  • Buechi, Andi
    Khodja, Kamal

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This 8th Geohazards conference marks the 30th anniversary of the event, with the first conference held in 1992 in Vancouver. It follows the conference held in Canmore in 2018. This series of conferences is an initiative of the Geohazards committee of the CGS. The main focus of the conference is to showcase a variety of geohazards research, including risk assessment and management, as well as recent developments and emerging challenges.


The theme of the conference is “Innovative Geoscience for Tomorrow” and covers geohazards in rock, soil, permafrost and snow that can affect public safety, infrastructures and the environment. A wide variety of topics will be discussed including case studies, emerging challenges and technologies, risk management, teaching and professional standards and responsibilities. The conference covers all geotechnical-related natural hazards, such as snow avalanches, flowslides, submarine landslides tsunamis, earthquakes.


We are on-site and looking forward to meeting you.

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