Landquart: Protection system for timber loading station

7302, Landquart, Suisse
RhB (Rhätische Bahn)
ewp AG Chur
TOLDO Strassen und Tiefbau AG
Objet protégé
Chemin de fer
Hauteur du système
8.5 m
Autres applications installées
Protection contre les impacts
Situation de départ

At Landquart, Switzerland, the Rhaetian Railway (RhB) operates a wood loading station.

Parallel to this loading station runs one of the central north-south traffic axes of the Swiss Federal Railways (SBB). This SBB line had to be protected  from falling logs or small parts.


Today, a fence prevents logs from falling onto the SBB line.

Geobrugg supplied and installed the complete system: the net, ropes, and all fastening components.

Our client, TOLDO AG, constructed the steel supports including the foundations.  Geobrugg then fastened the ropes and mounted the high-strength Geobrugg braid on these ropes with a mobile lifting platform.

A second layer with a conventional wire mesh fence prevents smaller pieces of wood from falling onto the SBB line.

Advantages of the solution

  •     compact design
  •     quickly installed
  •     high-tensile
  •     transparent

Technical details

  • Post spacing: 5 m
  • Ropes: 12 mm
  • Boundary rope: 8mm
  • System length: 105 m

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Ivo Naef
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