Project in Camarillo Springs builds barriers

4 Janvier 2016

After wildfires stripped the hills bare of vegetation, torrential rains during the monsoon season of 2014 created significant debris flow events impacting and devastating homes. With the 2015 El Niño approaching, preventive measures were quickly installed in the hillsides above Camarillo Springs as the primary mitigation measure against future debris flows.

The City of Camarillo hired the engineering firm Kane Geotech, Inc. (Kane Geotech) to design debris flow mitigation measures. Dr. William Kane designed a plan and specified use of Geobrugg’s debris flow and shallow landslide barriers placed strategically within high risk culverts.

At the end of 2015 the City of Camarillo hired Access Limited Construction Co., Inc. (Access Limited) to install the Geobrugg systems. Access Limited worked with Kane Geotech and Geobrugg to have the barriers installed before the monsoons hit. Geobrugg delivered material and Access Limited completed installation well ahead of the January 31st deadline. El Niño reached California the very next week and the Geobrugg Debris Flow barriers performed as designed.

"It's definitely living up to our expectations," said Camarillo Mayor Mike Morgan. He said that what has been completed so far will already stop a debris flow if one occurred now. "When the whole thing is finished, I feel really good about how safe this is going to be," said Morgan.

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Quote from the Owner:

“Our project [Executive Walk through] is a SMASH HIT! …Thanks for a successful project!” –– Richard (Rick) Nack, PE, City Engineer, City of Camarillo, California