Face of Geobrugg: Mischa Hollenstein, Digital Transformation Director at Geobrugg

2 Avril 2024

Welcome back to “Faces of Geobrugg,” a series showcasing the individuals shaping our company’s success. Each narrative highlights our commitment to safety and innovation. In this episode, we will learn about Mischa Hollenstein, the Digital Transformation Director at Geobrugg, based at the headquarters in Switzerland.


What is your role as Digital Transformation Director at Geobrugg, and what are your main tasks?

Most people think it only concerns IT, which is not true. My role is to connect business and IT while focusing on the people within and around Geobrugg and their needs when it comes to digitalization. It’s important to understand the influence of digital and technological changes on people working together and how we can incorporate those changes into our daily business and generate customer benefits.


How do you work with team members or departments to achieve common goals?

I strongly believe in value-based leadership and collaboration, which is why we also share a vision of digitalization that considers the company's goals. We must see the needs of different departments and yet be careful not to get lost in single projects and that can be challenging sometimes.


Can you give us an example of how you and your team helped other departments with their struggles and how digitalization facilitated their daily business?

Our projects include all aspects of digital transformation: streamlining processes, integrating smart technologies, enhancing partner collaboration, and developing skills among our people. A key example of how our team supports other departments through digitalization involves optimizing our internal processes. A turning point has been moving to a completely paperless workflow not only in the office but also in the production. It brought us significant benefits like reducing errors from manual handling and boosting our output without compromising quality. 


What do you value most about our corporate culture?

The opportunity to shape transformation at Geobrugg and how we work together, providing smart protection systems and innovative services.
There is also a great satisfaction in the human aspect that brings different opinions and ideas. Many people at Geobrugg share strong values and a passion for our niche industry and that makes us go forward. That is also a reason why I have been with Geobrugg for over a decade. The many opportunities I have been given and the high level of trust have allowed me to grow professionally and personally.


Thank you, Mischa, for giving us insight into your work life and sharing it.