Team Geobrugg Korea, third from left: Seug il Choi, 
Executive Managing Director Geobrugg Korea

Geobrugg Korea joins Geobrugg AG

17 Mai 2023

After 30 years of activity in South Korea, Geobrugg Korea will become part of the Geobrugg Group.

Geobrugg has been active in South Korea for more than 30 years. Despite its name, Geobrugg Korea has been an independent company until now.  

With the retirement of Kwang Won Suh, Geobrugg integrated Geobrugg Korea. Contracts were signed on May 16, 2023. Seung Il Choi, already Executive Managing Director, will lead Geobrugg Korea and the existing team. The organization will remain the same and focus on the South Korean market for protection systems. 


Seung Il Choi, Executive Managing Director Geobrugg Korea:

«Geobrugg, as a global company, drives innovation and industry standards for safety solutions worldwide and will continue to do so in Korea. In terms of know-how and technical support, we will profit from Geobrugg’s experience. We look forward to further growth. We will continue in Geobrugg’s spirit of research and excellence and combine it with our local strength, technical experience and our history in South Korea.»

Andrea Roth, CEO Geobrugg AG:

«We are grateful that Kwang Won Suh made Geobrugg a strong brand in South Korea. Seung Il Choi, Executive Managing Director, will continue his work. Geobrugg Korea is part of the global Geobrugg family. At the same time, Geobrugg Korea will remain a company with strong local roots and a long experience in Korean natural hazard protection.»


 About Geobrugg

Geobrugg is leading in the development and production of protection systems. The company has been developing and manufacturing protection solutions since 1951. High-tensile steel wire nets and matching services monitor and protect against natural hazards such as rockfall, landslides, debris flows, avalanches or coastal erosion. They ensure safety in mining, tunneling, motorsports tracks, industry, and test facilities. With experience, a spirit of research, continuous internal training and close cooperation with research institutes, we drive innovation and industry standards.

More than 400 specialists work for Geobrugg worldwide. Production facilities on all continents and a presence in over 50 countries stand for proximity to the customer and rapid project implementation - from requirements analysis to acceptance. Geobrugg, headquartered in Romanshorn, Switzerland, is an independent company within the BRUGG GROUP.