City of Atlanta Water Supply

Chappell Road, 30318, Atlanta, GA, Etats-Unis
City of Atlanta
Scarptec Inc.
Guy F. Atkinson Construction LLC
Autres sociétés participantes
Apex Rockfall, LLC
Objet protégé
Carrière / Mines, Infrastructure
Protection anticorrosion
Zone stabilisée
10600 m²
Hauteur de la pente
96 m
Inclinaison de la pente
80 ° - 90 °
Autres applications installées
Protection contre les chutes de pierres, Exploitation minière / Tunnel
Situation de départ

Bellwood Quarry outside of Atlanta (GA) will now be used for City of Atlanta water supply. In preparation to house the water supply and construct the distribution tunnel system a temporary and permanent system needed to be designed to protect workers, equipment and infrastructure from rocks falling off the 315 ft high and 365 ft long north facing slope. An additional temporary solution also needed to be implemented to protect workers and equipment at the tunnel portal.




The solution was a 114 000 ft² TECCO® G65/3 drape system and two GBE-1000A rockfall barriers forming canopies. The challenge was to provide a feasible and cost effective solution that could be strong enough to contain rocks 2.5 ft in diameter falling from 285 ft. The system had to be strong yet light weight enough for effective installation. The GBE-1000A systems were bolted to the rockface with the TECCO® G65/3 drape tied locally to ensure capture of the rock. Larger boulders were secured with rock bolts to reduce system requirements. The drape will be left after the site is filled to contain underwater rockfall. The canopies will be removed. 

Learn more about the project: 
City of Atlanta Department of Watershed management (YouTube)

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