The Geobrugg motorsport team proudly presents the 2020 SAE International John Melvin Motorsport Safety Award.

SAE International John Melvin Motorsport Safety Award for Geobrugg

28 Octubre 2021

Geobrugg Motorsport and the Dynamic Test Center (DTC) team, have been recently awarded the 2020 SAE International John Melvin Motorsport Safety Award. Sponsored by NASCAR in honor of Dr. John Melvin, a pioneer in driver safety, this award recognizes those who bring about significant positive change and elevate safety levels in the world of motorsports. 

Collaboration by the DTC and Geobrugg resulted in developing FIA-approved, homologated debris fencing that provides an unobstructed view and state-of-the-art protection from flying debris for motorsport, drivers, track marshals, and spectators. This exceptional innovation meets the FIA’s top standards for race facility safety and undoubtedly represents the spirit and intent of this award.