Geobrugg launches remote monitoring service

1 Septiembre 2020

In September 2020 Geobrugg GUARD for remote monitoring of barriers enters the European market. Developed for the most adverse environmental conditions, GUARD monitors rockfall and debris flow barriers, avalanche barriers, or similar systems.

Reliable data for reliable barriers
Sensors of the monitoring device transmit environmental and physical data via the GSM network, and events are logged. The data is displayed on an online dashboard. New findings become possible by combining data, for example, wildlife crossing (rockfall), weather data (debris flow), or air pollution (corrosion). 

The device is easily attached to any flexible barrier by tightening two nuts with a torque wrench. It is waterproof with seven to ten years of battery life, multiple encrypted, and has an independent operating system. GUARD works with any protection solution and can be applied to existing systems. 

More safety at less cost 
Geobrugg GUARD permanent measurements (24/7) lead towards a higher safety level. The systems require fewer inspections, which reduces working hours in the danger zone. Taking into account the microclimate surrounding of an installation makes maintenance predictive. 

Certified and approved for countries in EEA
Geobrugg GUARD is tested under the hardest conditions on different sites in Europe.