The successfully stopped landslide at the A83

Landslide in Scotland successfully stopped

29 Diciembre 2015

Late 2015 will surely be remembered as a time of great storms in Britain's history: On Saturday 5th December during storm Desmond that affected most parts of the UK a substantial landslide occurred at the A83 Rest and be Thankful. This is an area that has suffered numerous large landslides over the years and as such has numerous landslide and debris flow barriers installed.

During the daytime on the 5th an event estimated at 150m3 struck a Geobrugg SL-150 barrier, the barrier successfully held the event and there was no need to close the road. A further 100m³ event struck the barrier overnight and over the next few days residual small movements led to a total of ~300m³ being held by the barrier.

The barrier held all of this material without failure or damage, brake rings were activated as designed and the posts and baseplates suffered no damage. Thanks to the Geobrugg SL-150 barrier the A83, a major transport route in this area remained open. We are happy that "Rest and be Thankful" will remain a perfectly accessible and safe place. Find out more about this project in our database.