The BRUGG Group strengthens its brand

13 Enero 2023

In 2023, the Aargau-based BRUGG Group will standardize the appearance of all its divisions. In the future, Geobrugg and Fatzer from Romanshorn and Rittmeyer from Baar will also appear in the group's dark blue. The Brugg name will feature prominently in the logo.

The companies of the group are active in over 50 countries. With a uniform appearance, the divisions want to strengthen each other and make it easier to recruit employees. The logo and color change will be completed internationally by the end of 2023.

Stephan Wartmann, CEO BRUGG Group
«As BRUGG Group, we can benefit internationally from each other's marketing and sales activities and jointly strengthen the "BRUGG" brand. A strong brand is the cornerstone of business success. In addition, the uniform appearance helps to inform existing customers about other products and services and to serve our customers even more holistically.»

Andrea Roth, CEO von Geobrugg
«The goal is to appear worldwide as the BRUGG Group. Geobrugg is already active internationally, and other companies in the BRUGG Group can use this awareness as a door opener. A strong group also benefits us on the labor market to attract the attention of sought-after specialists.»