Defereggental L25 - temporary rockfall protection

Defereggental Landesstrasse (L25), 9962, St. Veit in Tirol, Austria
Objeto protegido
Altura del sistema
3.5 m
Longitud del sistema
104 m
Otras aplicaciones instaladas
Protección contra caídas de rocas, Protección contra flujos de detritos y deslizamientos superficiales
Situación inicial

The Austrian national road L25 in Tyrol (Defereggental) was completely closed after a massive rockfall at the portal of the Tunnel of Mellitz. The communities of St. Veit and St. Jakob entirely were cut off.

To re-connect the inhabitations with the "outer world," the road had to be quickly secured and cleared. A temporary solution, easy to install, and safe was required.


Geobrugg supplied 26 mobile safety fence barriers (104 meters), each consisting of a NORDBETON concrete barrier and a Geobrugg debris fence panel.

This barrier system was originally designed and tested for race tracks. Due to its fast installation and high flexibility, it also meets the needs for temporary road protection against rockfall.

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Roger Moor
Roger Moor
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René Müller
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Isacco Toffoletto
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