In complex situations that involve potentially dangerous conditions, there is no such thing as a standard solution. That is why we analyze every hazardous situation before we develop, working together with you, customized or entirely new solutions. Our competence and involvement are based on the highly specialized expertise we have accumulated from more than 70 years of processing steel wire.


We provide two avenues of consulting support for customers, planners, and building contractors:

1. Expert consultation on evaluation and design

2. Requirements analysis, surveying, anchor testing, installation, and acceptance. Whether your application involves a specific type of hazard (natural or otherwise), requires specialized solutions and/or customized structures, or if you would like project-specific trials or testing assistance, we are happy to assist.

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Learn even more about our systems and their dimensioning capabilities in our workshops, webinars and product training sessions which take place regularly in a range of locations around the world.

Find your workshop on our event page. 

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