Red Bull Ring II

8724, Spielberg, Austria
Geobrugg AG
Other participating companies
Zaunbau Nähr GmbH Austria
System height
3.5 m
System length
400 m
Initial situation

The debris fence of Geobrugg was selected to protect the infield and the new spectator area where temporary grandstands will be erected for the race.


Geobrugg offered the complete turnkey solution including layout design, manufacturing and installation of close to 400 m of our debris fence. With the selection of the FIA debris fence and the adaptation of the system to the local conditions the client made sure that the spectators are protected with the highest standard available.
Key advantages of the system are:
- Tested and designed system
- Fast and easy installation
- 50 cm cable spacing
- Improved spectator protection due to high-tensile wire mesh ROMBO
- Improved spectator vision compared to systems with 25 cm cable spacing

Your local contact

Pieter Martens
Pieter Martens
Project Manager Motorsport
Geobrugg AG
Aachstrasse 11
8590 Romanshorn / Switzerland