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Race circuits & proving grounds - MotoFest Coventry 2022 2022

Geobrugg FIA homologated mobile debris fence

Race circuits & proving grounds - MotoFest Coventry 2022 2022

Placing of concrete barriers

Race circuits & proving grounds - MotoFest Coventry 2022 2022

Panelrack for easy storage of up to 18 panels


System length

50 m - 100 m


Year of installation


Initial situation

MotoFest Coventry is a two-day festival dedicated to the city of Coventry’s motoring heritage. It features a unique blend of racing demonstrations, static displays, live music, and anything else with a connection to Coventry. There is also a significant future technology focus, showcasing the latest alternatively fuelled vehicles, electric cars, and advanced automotive technology.

After covid Coventry MotoFest is returning with the unique Ring Road Sprint Circuit. A temporary city circuit that makes the protection of the drivers, spectators, and marshals necessary.

MotoFest Coventry was looking for an easy-to-install and quick-to-remove mobile solution which was also homologated according to FIA standard 3502-2018 to have a top-end product available on the market.


Geobrugg delivered 92 meters of the FIA homologated mobile debris fence consisting of a concrete barrier and a debris fence panel.

The advantage of the Geobrugg system is, next to the FIA homologation, the option to use a concrete barrier certified as a road safety barrier. The optional version of the concrete barrier has hot dip galvanized connection claws and reflectors on one side. If no racing event is happening, the client can turn the barrier into a road safety barrier for street- and construction site protection. Up to 400 meters can be easily installed in one day by one team.

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Marty Hunt

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