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United States


Höljes RX circuit

Finnskogavägen, Höljes, Sweden
Finnskoga Motorklubb
System height
2.5 m, 3.5 m
System length
250 m
Other installed applications
Race Tracks
Initial situation

The Höljes FIA Worldrallycross Championship round is one of the most prominent events in the calendar. The RX circuit is improving the safety by making adjustments to the existing facility.


The Geobrugg debris fence with 6 meters post spacing is an ideal match of improved and tested safety with an unobstructed view on the circuit.

Update 2018
After a great success in 2017, the circuit decided to further upgrades of the facility by adding more Geobrugg debris fence with 6 m post spacing. Additionally, some marshal posts were equipped with the Geobrugg / NORDBETON marshal post solution offering increased protection for track workers.

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