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United States
High-tensile steel wire

High-tensile steel wire

Our passion: High-tensile steel wire

The core of our systems are nets and meshes made from high-tensile steel wire. We understand that high-tensile means that each wire has a tensile strength of at least 1,770 N/mm². Compared to commercial steel wire our high-tensile wire has a three times higher tensile strength. A high cutting resistance, large energy retaining capacities and a long durability make our high-tensile steel wire systems unique.

This strength enables our nets and meshes to set world records, which was proven at the certification test where our ring net (RXE 10'000) caught a 25-ton block with an impact speed of 103 km/h (29 m/s).

A higher tensile strength means less material can be used for the same results. Thus, our lightweight and unobtrusive protection systems are the first choice for our customers.