Cucuta Pamplona Road

Via Cucuta - Pamplona, 541018, Cucuta - Norte de Santander, Colombia
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Fondo de Adaptacion
Concesion San Simon
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Latinoamericana de Construcciones
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Slope Stability, Debris Flow & Shallow Landslide Protection, Road fencing
Initial situation

The Cucuta Pamplona road was subject to erosion due to the regular rise of the Pamplonita River. This affected the stability of the road embankment.

Traditional solutions such as gabions or self-supporting walls could not withstand the force and impacts of the material transported by the river. In collaboration with the Fondo de Adaptacion and the San Simón Concession, a solution was found with Geobrugg mesh. 


A cast iron structure was constructed with high-tensile steel wire mesh. TECCO® G65/3 mesh allows water to flow through the structure. At the same time, the material withstands the blocks transported by the water. For this project, 3'150 m² of TECCO® were implemented.

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Ivo Naef
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