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Slope stabilization with TECCO G45/2 at Cockermouth Castle in England

Cockermouth Castle stable thanks to new TECCO® G45/2

23 February 2017

The historic  Cockermouth Castle located on an estuary in the English county of Cumbria was built in the 12th century with stones from a Roman settlement.  In 2015 storms and floods caused considerable erosion to the bank of the river below.

Geotechnical assessment showed that to stabilize the fine grained soil underneath the castle, soil nailing in conjunction with flexible mesh is required. The choice of the contractor CAN was to use our TECCO® G45/2 mesh: the fine and high-tensile steel wire mesh is barely visible, but due to its smaller mesh width, it is  perfect to effectively stabilize the fine-grained soil. Under the mesh, an erosion control mat provides a close to natural looking slope immediately after installation and aids with fast revegetation of this picturesque place.  Please find details about the project or information on the TECCO® SYSTEM3.