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Certification of the RXE rockfall barrier system

Certification of the RXE rockfall barrier system

28 February 2014

Besides high energy absorption, the RXE rockfall barrier also sets new standards for net deflection. This enables an installation close to an endangered/vulnerable object and simplifies installation as well as maintenance. The energy absorption capacity of the strongest barrier is 8000 kJ, which equates to a rock weighing 20 metric tonnes travelling at over 100 km/h. Following the certifications for impact energies 1000 kJ, 5000 kJ and 8000 kJ, the European authorities have also issued the ETA certificate for the rockfall barrier RXE-2000.

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Certificates RXE-1000, RXE-2000, RXE-5000, RXE-8000 (PDF)

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