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A company of the BRUGG Group
United States
The BRUGG Group

The BRUGG Group

The Swiss BRUGG Group acts worldwide in 5 business divisions and with more than 1900 employees.

We are a financially independent industrial group and we are strongly focused on Cable Systems, Rope Technology, Pipe Systems, Process Control Systems and Real Estate. With those divisions we aim to be a long-term sustainable supplier. We want to fulfill our requirements of creating value for customers, our employees and our environment.

BRUGG group Cables Rope Technologies Pipe Systems Process Controll Systems Real Estate

Products from the Rope Technology division deliver safety and reliability in mountain transport systems, passenger and freight elevators, industrial applications, and against natural hazards.

We primarily use internally developed production technologies as well as methods and processes, which we monitor continuously for quality. That is why clients around the world rely on Brugg Rope Technology. Experts at our subsidiaries and our country partners will provide you with targeted advice. We accompany you and your planners from project planning to factory acceptance.