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About us

About us

World leader in the design and fabrication of protection systems

Swiss company Geobrugg is the global leader in the supply of high-tensile steel wire safety nets and meshes. Many years of experience and intensive collaboration with universities and research institutes make Geobrugg a reliable partner when it comes to protection and safety solutions.

High-Tensile Steel Wire Nets for Increased Safety

Safety is our nature - true to this philosophy, Geobrugg develops and manufactures protection systems made of high-tensile steel wire. These systems protect against natural hazards such as rockfall, landslides, debris flow and avalanches. They ensure safety in mining and tunneling, as well as on motorsport tracks and stop other impacts from falling or flying objects. More than 65 years of experience and close collaboration with research institutes and universities make Geobrugg a pioneer and leading expert in these fields.

Geobrugg has 340 specialists worldwide, production facilities on five continents, as well as branches and partners in over 50 countries. This proximity allows us, to ensure customers quick project implementation with a range of services that includes: needs assessments, consulting, design, testing and system installation. Geobrugg operates as an independent corporation within the Brugg Group, and is headquartered in Romanshorn, Switzerland.

Areas of Application

Rockfall Protection: Geobrugg rockfall protection barriers are able to withstand impact energies of up to 10,000 kJ – this represents world record!

Slope Stabilization: Netting and meshes are anchored with rock nails and spike plates to actively secure surfaces. The mesh is nearly invisible and facilitates the sustainable revegetation.

Shallow Landslide and Debris Flow Protection: Geobrugg's special solutions ensure particularly efficient and sustainable protection against these natural hazards.

Avalanche Prevention: Geobrugg's flexible protection system reliably retains large volumes of snow. During snow-free periods it also provides effective protection against minor rockfall impacts.

Mining / Tunnels: Meshes and protection systems from Geobrugg are an important safety and efficiency factor in opencast and underground mining as well as in tunnels worldwide: people, machines and infrastructure are also protected in geologically and seismically critical zones. This aids in avoiding work interruptions.

Motorsport Solutions: These solutions can be found on regional and world-renowned race tracks and offer maximum spectator protection. Thanks to the broad spectrum of FIA homologated and accepted motorsport barriers and fences, Geobrugg always offers the optimal solutions to its customers.

Impact Protection: In this area, special solutions are developed in combination with high-tensile steel wire nets that reliably stop flying debris or accelerated objects of all kinds.