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About us

About us

High-Tensile Steel Wire Nets for Increased Safety

We globally develop and manufacture protection systems made of high-tensile steel wire. These safety systems are used for reliable protection against natural hazards such as rockfall, debris flow, landslides, avalanches, or as a safety measure in mining tunnels, motorsports, and proving grounds. Our high-tensile steel wire nets and meshes are characterized by their strength, high energy absorption capacity and supreme durability. More than 65 years of experience and close collaboration with research institutes and universities make us the leading expert for safety solutions.

The Geobrugg network, with subsidiaries and partners in more than 50 countries, guarantees a fast and economic realization of projects. Our 340 specialists worldwide in production facilities on four continents provide customer proximity and therefore ensure short delivery times. Depending on our clients’ individualized needs, our services include needs assessments, consultation, development and construction as well as testing and system installation up to and including acceptance. Together with the client, our engineers define the optimal solution and supervise the installation of standard or customized protection systems. Geobrugg operates as an independent corporation within the Brugg Group, and is headquartered in Romanshorn, Switzerland.

Areas of Application

Rockfall Protection: From pioneer to market leader: Thanks to constant innovation, our rockfall protection barriers are able to withstand impact energies of up to 10,000 kJ. We test our systems with blocks weighing up to 25 metric tons travelling at a velocity of over 100 km/h.

Slope Stabilization: Netting and meshes are anchored with rock nails and spike plates to actively secure surfaces. The mesh is nearly invisible from afar and facilitates the sustainable regrowth of vegetation.

Shallow Landslide and Debris Flow Protection: Debris flows and shallow landslides often develop highly destructive forces. Our barriers efficiently protect people and infrastructure from this hazard.

Avalanche Prevention: By working closely with the Swiss Federal Institute for Snow and Avalanche Research (SLF), we are constantly improving our avalanche and snow load protection system. The flexible installations hold back large volumes of snow. And during snow-free periods, the system also provides reliable protection against minor rockfall events.

Tunnel Reinforcement: Our high-tensile steel wire meshes are used around the world in mines, road- and rail tunnels, where they efficiently prevent collapse by providing underground support.

Motorsport Solutions: Specializing in planning, development, manufacture and installation we offer a variety of motorsport barriers for city races, permanent race circuits and test tracks. Geobrugg has the only FIA Institute tested solutions guaranteed to provide reliable safety for world famous events, renowned venues, and regional motorsports parks.

Impact Protection: In the area of impact and explosion protection, our steel wire meshes are used to restrict the damage of rapidly accelerating objects or flying debris after explosions.