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1 out of 22 debris flow barriers for Chosica

22 debris flow barriers for nine valleys

26 February 2016

In the area east of Lima, Peru, annually recurring rains due to the El Niño phenomenon caused mudslides and landslides in the past. At the end of February 2016, Geobrugg installed 22 debris flow barriers that today protect people and infrastructure in the nine valleys of the Chosica Region.

Together with our partner TDM we installed these 22 barriers in a remarkably short time. Mere weeks passed between the early interim orders in mid-November to the project’s inauguration at the end of February. Noteworthy are the means of transportation: By air from Switzerland to Lima and by muscle power over the final kilometers. The light weight of our systems was advantageous for both types of transport.

At Geobrugg we are particularly proud of the scope of the security measures that extend across the nine valleys. “In record time we built the largest debris flow barrier in South America,” proclaimed Geobrugg Regional Manager Latin America, Gabriel von Rickenbach.

Local authorities show details of the installation in a film (in Spanish).

Find pictures and detailed information about the project.