Monthly internal training

Know-how day at Geobrugg

Once a month, our engineers and experts meet their colleagues from all over the world. The goal is to build up and refresh Geobrugg's basic technical knowledge. The training contents stretch from minor but essential details of our solutions to the latest natural hazard technologies. It is also an occasion to meet the global Geobrugg family - at least digitally.

30 Abril 2021

Raise the test rate in underground mining

At the picturesque Walensee/Switzerland, Geobrugg operates a test center in a closed mine to subject products to rockburst tests. To test at an even faster rate, we opened a second mining test facility in the spring.

6 Abril 2021
The posts of this Geobrugg rockfall barrier are 7 meters tall - 10'000 kJ rockfall barriers are strongest in the world
CREDIT MusicCity!

IndyCar Set for Six-Car Side-By-Side Battle at Music City Grand Prix

New Nashville city circuit designed with excitement and safety at the forefront.

4 Febrero 2021
Monitoring solution Geobrugg GUARD

Nine GUARDS for Luxembourg

To guarantee constant monitoring, nine Geobrugg GUARD devices were installed on these two rockfallbarriers in Luxembourg.

28 Enero 2021

New Circuit Lighting System Leads Way for Increased Night Racing Worldwide

F1 safety equipment manufacturers join forces for a groundbreaking lighting project. A new lighting system developed by two leading F1 circuit suppliers is set to lead to more night races for championships worldwide by reducing costs and simplifying the logistics involved.

15 Diciembre 2020

We reduce our CO2 footprint permanently

The new photovoltaic system helps Geobrugg reduce its CO2 footprint: It saves up to 253 tons of CO2 emissions annually. A positive side-effect for the employees: in summer, production halls heat up less due to shading.

4 Diciembre 2020
écrans à anneaux - protection contre les chutes de pierres

GEOP becomes Geobrugg

As of December 1, 2020, Geobrugg AG, headquartered in Romanshorn, Switzerland, will take over the long-standing business partner GEOP, based in Portes-lès-Valence, France. Until now GEOP was part of CAN Croissance from Mirmande, France.

2 Diciembre 2020
New Indonesian circuit aiming to host 150,000 fans on race day - under construction in autumn 2020

Work Ramps up at Mandalika - MotoGP’s Biggest Ever Circuit Project

Major construction work is accelerating at Indonesia’s Mandalika International Street Circuit in preparation to host MotoGP’s first-ever street circuit race and potentially its biggest ever crowd. Swiss company Geobrugg has now shipped 1,550 mobile debris fence panels for placement around the circuit and 31 moulds to create the concrete blocks that are essential for each turn. These will arrive at the track, on the island of Lombok, in January with an aim to complete circuit construction by mid-2021.

20 Noviembre 2020

virtual GEO-Summit 2020

We proudly invite you to our first virtual GEO-Summit. The Summit includes several high profile speakers who will present the latest research in the world of Geohazards.

30 Septiembre 2020


The BRUGG Group was the victim of a cyberattack on Thursday morning, September 10, 2020.

14 Septiembre 2020

Geobrugg launches remote monitoring service

In September 2020, the Geobrugg GUARD, a device for remote monitoring of barriers, enters the European market. Developed for the most adverse environmental conditions, GUARD monitors rockfall and debris flow barriers, avalanche barriers, or similar systems.

1 Septiembre 2020

From race to road

From race to road - FIA Mobile Debris Fence

5 Agosto 2020
new edition  TECCO® book
Steel wire net barrier protecting the Hoover Dam, Picture Geovert

Hoover Dam protected from Rockfall

GBE-barrier - protection at the Hoover Dam

9 Julio 2020
Ring net holding back 9 tons tree

Stubach, Austria: 9 tons of tree impact

This RXE-2000 barrier is over 5 meters high. The tree was about 22 meters high and weighs nearly 9 tons. The replacement of the affected rings and the post is planned. The suspension rope will not be damaged.

8 Junio 2020

Geobrugg Webinars

We are offering webinars: Geobrugg experts from all over the world present basic and advanced topics on geohazard, mining and motorsport protection.

4 Mayo 2020

Geobrugg Update Regarding Coronavirus

En Geobrugg nos tomamos muy en serio el brote y la propagación mundial del coronavirus. La protección y la salud de nuestros empleados, clientes, proveedores y otros colaboradores es nuestra principal prioridad. Al mismo tiempo, nuestro objetivo es hacer que nuestras soluciones estén disponibles de la mejor manera posible y estar ahí para usted, como el socio de confianza que siempre hemos sido.

23 Marzo 2020
Zandvoort - debris fences at the banked sections

Zandvoort's Banked Turns Completed Ahead of F1 Return

The creation of Zandvoort's unique banking has been a joint effort between circuit design and safety companies across the world.

27 Febrero 2020
Tren y superficie rocosa estabilizada con malla TECCO®.
F1 Zandvoort: Geobrugg will install around 3,400m of permanent debris fences (Credit: Dromo).

F1 Fence Posts Break Ground at Zandvoort

The installation of FIA homologated debris fences has begun at the Zandvoort circuit, Netherlands, a key milestone for upgrading the track to host Formula 1 in 2020. 

9 Diciembre 2019
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