And the winner is: Geobrugg

24 Mai 2019

In 2019 SWISS INOX, an association which promotes the use of stainless steel awards the PRIX INOX to Geobrugg and its research partner WITg for their high-tensile stainless steel chainlink mesh. Especially the innovative range of applications, from slope protection against natural hazards to protective nets for fish farming, convinced the jury.


Flexible debris flow barriers and their service ability proof

3 Mai 2019

Flexible debris flow nets were developed within a three-year Ph.D. thesis by Wendeler in 2008. Since then, they have been used all over the world for debris flow protection or slope/riverbed stabilization. Some have already been filled a couple of times. Today, we present the first research on a serviceability method for scour and erosion issues on flexible debris flow nets. Design and calculation will be more economically and safely, maintenance costs will be minimized and a longer lifetime of the entire barrier system, including anchors as the most cost-intensive parts, can be provided. Impressions of the small field tests.


A paradise place is protected from landslides

26 Avril 2019

One year later after historical rains that caused landslide damage to roadways and flooded homes, the Kuhio Highway will soon be open again.


Protection contre les risques naturels dans les mines à ciel ouvert

27 Mars 2019

Quiconque souhaite savoir quel rôle joue la protection contre les risques naturels dans les mines devrait visiter virtuellement la mine de Kanmantoo en Australie dans cette vidéo ou dans le rapport du projet. Les parois pentues qui caractérisent la mine exigent une gestion intensive des chutes de pierres pour laquelle nous utilisons des barrières classiques mais aussi des stabilisations actives de talus, des solutions ATTENUATOR ou des grillages et filets pendus contre les chutes de pierres.


Geobrugg Partner for Romania

25 Mars 2019

Geobrugg and IRIDEX PLASTIC GROUP signed a partnership for Romania. A symposium on Geohazard Protection marked the official start in Bucharest on March 21st.


Blasting proves the barrier

22 Mars 2019

150 meters above a state road, rock needles are blasted in Gundlfing/Germany. The explosion accelerates boulders to higher speeds than a natural rockfall. The 3000 kJ rockfall protection barrier withstands multiple impacts even into single fields.


Red Bull Ring first with a FIA-homologated Debris Fence

13 Mars 2019

In 2014 the Red Bull Ring (Austria) was the first race track with a mobile debris fence from Geobrugg. Today Red Bull Ring is number 1, again -  with the new FIA homologated mDF350 mobil debris fence panels.  No. 00001 according to the plate.


Internal Training for Global Quality

8 Mars 2019

Professional training on debris flow for Geobrugg internals. After a first theoretical module, our colleagues from all over the world stake out a debris flow barrier. At the end of the academy, they will present their calculations and their barriers. Watch the video


Successful rockfall protection in Tyrol

12 Février 2019

This GBE-500A barrier holds around 100 cubic meters of soil erosion at Landeck, Tyrol.


High safety, small space demand

7 Février 2019

Efficient safety on track: At Landquart the Rhaetian Railway operates a wood loading station. Parallel to this loading station runs one of the Swiss Federal Railways (SBB). Today, our protective fence prevents falling logs or small parts from falling onto adjacent tracks.


New FIA Standard: Geobrugg Motorsport Fences first to be homologated

31 Janvier 2019

FIA (Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile) governing body of the motorsport introduced a new standard with performance criteria. The first homologated products according to this standard are the Geobrugg motorsport fences. Their Debris Fence and their Mobile Debris Fence meet the requirements of FIA Standard 3502-2018 debris fence. Read more


Slope stabilization for Diamond Mine in Siberia

30 Janvier 2019

The open pit mine is located in Aykhal, Siberia as part of the Aykhal production site - one of the world-leading diamond producing companies ALROSA. Many rockfalls occur as a result of melting permafrost slopes. At this underground mine, trucks are permanently using the portal to the quarry.


Montecito residents organize their debris flow protection

21 Janvier 2019

A year after the sad debris flow incidents at Montecito, California, the community has organized future protection: ring nets from Geobrugg. Pat McElroy and Les Firestein talk about their project at The Ellen Show.


Un toit sous forme de filet protège la route menant au village de montagne valaisan

9 Janvier 2019

Près de Vercorin (Suisse), notre système CANOPY protège la seule route desservant le village au bout de plusieurs tunnels sur plus de 120 mètres au total. La route a pu rester ouverte pendant la durée des travaux parce que l’installation nécessite peu de place. Les visiteurs et les riverains peuvent désormais se rendre au village de manière bien plus sûre tout en bénéficiant d’une vue imprenable du pittoresque paysage montagneux.


Geobrugg maintenant dans l'Est du Canada

11 Decembre 2018

Geobrugg North America est maintenant présent dans l'Est du Canada : Kamal Khodja, titulaire d'une maîtrise en technologie de l'ingénierie environnementale, a travaillé en Europe, en Afrique et au Moyen-Orient. Pour des solutions aux géorisques comme l'atténuation des chutes de pierres, la stabilisation des pentes et le contrôle de l'érosion dans les provinces de l'Est du Canada. Contactez Kamal


Hardly done, but used already

1 Decembre 2018

The RXE-500-LA rockfall barrier is installed to protect parts of the village from repeated rockfalls. Just a few weeks after the installation, it became clear how important this decision was....


Big incident - small damage

27 Novembre 2018

Big incident - small damage. This rockfall solution in Surplattas/Switzerland has saved a crucial cantonal road from a major tree fall - and thus avoided a severe accident risk. 


Geobrugg logiciel de dimensionnement : Mises à jour

19 Novembre 2018

Travaillez-vous avec nos outils de dimensionnement ? Avec RUVOLUM®, DEBFLOW, SHALLSLIDE Online Tool ou SPIDER® Online Tool ? Nous avons amélioré la fonctionnalité et ajouté de nouvelles fonctions. Lisez ci-dessous ou connectez-vous à myGeobrugg et découvrez-les nouveautés.


Tokyo, FIA Intercontinental Drifting Cup 2018 / D1 Grand Prix

2 Novembre 2018

Tokyo: Also in 2018 our Partner Nexterior chose our FIA Mobile Debris Fence to protect the hot spots at the drifting races. This weekend, November 2-4: Watch the FIA Intercontinental Drifting Cup and the D1 Grand Prix in Japan. Have a glimpse of our fences!


When the going gets tough: debris flow barriers in Peru proof their sustainably

31 Octobre 2018

22 debris flow barriers were installed in Peru, near Lima (Chosica) in 2015/2016. In March 2017 El Niño Costero the worst storms of the past 30 years caused heavy rains, floods, and landslides. The barriers successfully protected the area. Two barriers were filled to 95 percent capacity, which is a volume of 10,000 m³.  Today, in 2018 the affected elements have been restored. For the whole story check our project database.


From the race track to the road - Geobrugg protection system

25 Octobre 2018

Our fences in a temporary operation in Germany mean more safety for workers and drivers. The concrete part of our mobile barriers is a product of our partner NORDBETON. Find more pictures in the gallery of this news.


TECCO® makes it big

19 Octobre 2018

In early 2018, a massive landslide took place near the Austrian community of Ladis, in Tyrol. In this touristy region, a highly travelled road was completely buried. A sustainable solution had to be found for this major connecting road.


Britannia Creek: North America's record clear span debris flow barrier

1 Octobre 2018

This is Jessica Taylor from Tangiers Mountain Construction Ltd. She and her team were at Britannia Creek to install the tallest and widest clear span debris flow barrier in North America. More about Britannia Creek


All our barriers included to RocFall 2019

24 Septembre 2018

All Geobrugg rockfall barriers are now included in the Barrier Design Library of the simulation program RocFall.


World's first dimensionable attenuator system

29 Août 2018

Geobrugg developed together with international experts an attenuator protection solution which can be efficiently dimensioned. This innovative rockfall protection is a modified rockfall drape providing particularly efficient protection. The dimensioning concept was presented to experts in British Columbia/Canada at the end of August.