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A company of the BRUGG Group
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The BRUGG Group

The BRUGG Group

The Swiss BRUGG Group acts worldwide in 5 business divisions and with more than 2000 employees.

We are a financially independent industrial group and we are strongly focused on Cable Systems, Rope Technology, Pipe SystemsProcess Control Systems and Real Estate. With those divisions we aim to be a long-term sustainable supplier. We want to fulfill our requirements of creating value for customers, our employees and our environment.

BRUGG group Cables Rope Technologies Pipe Systems Process Controll Systems Real Estate
Water and energy supply

Rittmeyer process control systems provide round-the-clock monitoring and control and ensure that residents can count on a reliable supply of drinking water, electricity, gas and district heat. Water purification systems employing the latest technology, such as ultrafiltration can operate cost-effectively thanks to sophisticated Rittmeyer automation equipment.

Water and energy supply
Process engineering and environmental technology

Water treatment plants keep contaminated water from harming the environment. The Rittmeyer process control system ensures that rigorous quality requirements are always met. Incorporating the sewer network makes the overall solution more efficient. Proven migration concepts make it possible to update automatic equipment and control systems during ongoing operation with minimal downtimes.

Rittmeyer Process engineering and environmental technology

Rittmeyer equipment reliably and accurately determines hydraulic measurements such as water levels and flow rates as well as status and positions of weir gates, even under the harshest weather conditions. Rittmeyer automation and process control systems control entire power plants and chains of power plants, from the turbine to the generator to the auxiliary systems and switching plants. Automated water management systems ensure that hydraulic settings are maintained under all operating conditions.

Rittmeyer Hydropower