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A company of the BRUGG Group
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The BRUGG Group

The BRUGG Group

The Swiss BRUGG Group acts worldwide in 5 business divisions and with more than 2000 employees.

We are a financially independent industrial group and we are strongly focused on Cable Systems, Rope Technology, Pipe SystemsProcess Control Systems and Real Estate. With those divisions we aim to be a long-term sustainable supplier. We want to fulfill our requirements of creating value for customers, our employees and our environment.

BRUGG group Cables Rope Technologies Pipe Systems Process Controll Systems Real Estate

The roughly 600 employees in the Cable Systems division develop, produce and sell cables, accessories, systems and services for a worldwide clientele in power utilities, industry, telecommunications and the sensor and defense industries.

Since its founding in 1896, Brugg Cables has become the largest company in the BRUGG Group and one of Switzerland’s leading cable manufacturers. The development department is constantly at work on innovative new products. In addition to its headquarters in Brugg, Brugg Cables has production plants in Rome, Georgia in the USA as well as Suzhou and Shanghai, China. With our many sales offices and distribution partners, we have a sales network that spans the globe.

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High Voltage Installations

High-voltage cable installations are the keystones of a reliable power supply. We produce, test and install cables and accessories that meet the highest quality standards for applications up to 500 kV. Our specialists also develop complex cable solutions for entire power supply networks.

High Voltage Accessories

High-voltage cable installations are only as good as the accessories they use. That is why we supply cable joints and terminations that are just as safe and reliable as the cables themselves.

Low and Medium Voltage

We offer products and technical experience to meet the requirements of clients in municipal utility companies and regional power utilities. In addition to high-quality cables, the BRUGG product range also includes accessories for low- and medium-voltage applications.


In the area of telecommunications, we have an extensive product range of metal and non-metal fiber optic cables for transmitting data via overhead and underground lines as well as via underwater cables and drainage systems.


Our subsidiary Brugg Cables Industry AG focuses on mechanical engineering, monitoring technology and lifting equipment as well as electromobility and new energies. The company works closely with its clients to develop and manufacture application-specific cable system solutions with flexible low- and medium-voltage power cables in copper or aluminum. Another area of specialty covers high-strength flat belts for power transmission.

Sensing & Defence

For mobile applications in harsh environments, we produce and develop extremely hard-wearing cables and customized system solutions for military and civilian communications. Our comprehensive product range includes high-quality sensor cable solutions for various  temperature, elongation, acoustics and pressure measurement applications.