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Geobrugg CONSIS - Training of Experts

Geobrugg CONSIS - Training of Experts

We claim a leading role in the development and production of protection systems. We pass on our knowledge internally but also share it with external experts.

CONSIS - course on operation, inspection and maintenance

CONSIS is aimed at natural hazard experts from the fields of engineering, geology, planning and construction, and employees of construction companies working in the field of natural hazards.

Theory and practice
In addition to the theoretical basics, the focus of the nearly three-day course is on practical assessment at the Geobrugg test facility in Walenstadt (Switzerland). In our quality assurance laboratory in Romanshorn (Switzerland), we estimate and interpret the service life of critical components.

Components – their role and function in the system
The course on operation, inspection, and maintenance enables attendees to assess flexible safety structures from the perspective of system developers and manufacturers, this is not limited to Geobrugg systems.

We provide detailed information about the individual components, their function, and interaction within an overall system. Participants learn to evaluate the condition of the components and their role in relation to the protective effect of the overall structure.

Special cases
Older, untested safety structures from different manufacturers can now be better assessed in terms of their protective function with an up-to-date approach.

In addition to the fulfillment of approvals, the systems can also be dimensioned and designed for non-scheduled loads. These special cases are presented and analyzed as examples during the course.

Long-term benefit
Upon completion of CONSIS, attendees with have access to a separate online area with course materials, assessment aids, assessment options, old manuals, and professional articles. We offer selected webinars, such as training or advanced courses for CONSIS certificate holders.

Participants who pass the final exam are listed in our expert database.

You can find more information about the training and registration on our events webpage.