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In complex situations that involve potentially dangerous conditions, there is no such thing as a standard solution. That is why we analyze every hazardous situation before we develop, working together with you, customized or entirely new solutions. Our competence and involvement is based on the highly specialized expertise we have accumulated from more than 60 years of processing steel wire.


We provide two avenues of consulting support for customers, planners, and building contractors:

1. Expert consultation on evaluation and design

2. Requirements analysis, surveying, anchor testing, installation, and acceptance. Whether your application involves a specific type of hazard (natural or otherwise), requires specialized solutions and/or customized structures, or if you would like project-specific trials or testing assistance, we are happy to assist.

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Only accurately dimensioned systems will provide reliable protection against natural hazards. That is why we utilize software that we have verified and calibrated through our 1:1 field tests. To dimension our systems we provide the following software:

Geobrugg services: Software

RUVOLUM® dimensions our SPIDER® and TECCO® SYSTEM³ slope stabilization systems. RUVOLUM® can determine which forces are stressing the net or mesh and anchor points in relation to geotechnical parameters. The software will provide the static verification for the overall system.

SPIDER® Online Tool
Das Programm SPIDER® ONLINE-TOOL dient der Bemessung des Felssicherungssystems SPIDER®, bestehend aus dem hochfesten Spiralseilnetz SPIDER® S3-130 mit einem Litzendurchmesser von 6.5 mm, Systemkrallplatten und einer adäquaten Vernagelung. Die Software untersucht die Stabilität individueller, kritischer Felsblöcke und bestimmt die Anzahl und Anordnung der erforderlichen Nägel entlang der Blockperipherie.

When it comes to dimensioning and aligning debris flow barriers, we rely on our project specific DEBFLOW dimensioning tool. DEBFLOW calculates standard barrier dimensions for granular or muddy flows and evaluates their retention volume. The software is based on experience and test results obtained from numerous of field and laboratory tests.

The software Shallow Online Tool serves to dimension flexible shallow landslide protection systems consisting of high tensile steel wire nets, support and retaining ropes with a predetermined number of brake rings and flexible spiral rope anchors. The software is based on 1:1 filed tests and verified by numerical computer simulations carried out in collaboration with research institutes. The Shallow Online Tool analyses the stability of the chosen barrier system and calculates the appearing dynamic forces during the impact and checks also if the total expected retention volume can be retained by the barrier.

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Learn even more about our systems and their dimensioning capabilities in our workshops, webinars and product training sessions which take place regularly in a range of locations around the world.

Want to find out more about workshops beeing planned in your country and region? Simply contact your local representative.

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