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Geobrugg is the world leader in the design and fabrication of protection systems

Swiss company Geobrugg is the global leader in the supply of safety nets and meshes made of high-tensile steel wire. Many years of experience and intensive collaboration with universities and research institutes have made Geobrugg a reliable partner when it comes to protection and safety solutions. → Our areas of expertise


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Rock face secured at Point Bonita Lighthouse

Due to years of exposure, the point's rock mass was fracturing and displaying signs of instability. Stabilization was required to support the weight of a modern bridge without fracturing further. Read more

on 18 Feb 2015

ETApprovals change to ETAssessments

The quality and functionality of products such as Geobrugg Rockfall Barriers for the European Market are verified and approved by means of ETA certificates by the European Organisation for Technical Assessment EOTA. Read more

on 2 Feb 2015

Installation of TECCO® SYSTEM3 in an earth retention project

TEI customer GeoFirma LLC, Nashville, Tennessee recently completed a difficult earth retention project near Nashville, Tennessee for a natural gas pipeline. Read more

on 27 Jan 2015

Geobrugg Debris Fences protect the first Russian Formula 1 Grand Prix

On October 12, 2014, the first Formula One Grand Prix took place in Sochi, Russia. The 65’000 spectators were well protected from any race car casualties on the circuit by Geobrugg protection fences. Read more

on 23 Okt 2014

Rockfall stopped before crashing into tank

During scaling operations, an approx. 3.5 m3 large rock broke off the slope. Thanks to the protection measure the rock was deposited safely at the toe of the slope without any damage to the mesh! Read more

on 10 Sep 2014
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