Geohazard Solutions Mining Security Engineering
Geohazard Solutions Mining Security Engineering
Ein Unternehmen der Gruppe BRUGG


Geobrugg protects and safeguards
people and infrastructure

Snow avalanche protective structures using wire rope nets as a substitute for rigid avalanche structures Motorsports safety fencing - protecting spectators against debris impact on race tracks with the Geobrugg Debris Fence Intrusion and escape protection FOXX floating port security barriers Flexible shallow landslide barriers protect roads, residential areas and railway lines TECCO® mesh protects against rock bursts in underground mining and tunnelling Slope stabilization: TECCO® stabilizes slopes susceptible to weathering, prevents breakouts and grows into one with nature Rockfall protection for impact energies from 100 kJ to 8'000 kJ Net applications: safety fences and escape protection Flexible ring net barriers for retaining debris flow and mudslides


Geobrugg Netting Solutions

Swiss company Geobrugg is the global leader in the supply of safety nets and meshes made of high-tensile steel wire. Many years of experience and intensive collaboration with universities and research institutes have made Geobrugg a reliable partner when it comes to protection and safety solutions.

A global network with branches and partners in over 50 countries ensures fast, thorough and cost-effective solutions for customer requirements. With production facilities on four continents and more than 300 employees worldwide, Geobrugg combines short delivery times with local support for customers. We are partners, consultants, developers and project managers for our customers.

Geobrugg Geohazard Solutions

For more than 60 years, Geobrugg has provided protection from natural hazards with barriers for rock fall, avalanche and debris flows, and systems for slope stabilization. Our solutions are also used to enhance profitability and safety in surface and underground mining.

Geobrugg Security Engineering

The expertise we have gathered over 60 years of research and development has led to advances in the fields of security engineering. This includes motorsports safety, crowd control for stadiums and major events, protection of ships and military vehicles, and access control for prisons and other secure facilities.  The high aesthetic value of our steel wire netting also meets the needs of architects for use in sports stadiums, parking garages, housing, and other structures. 

Geobrugg AG is a company of the BRUGG Group.

Geobrugg AG
Aachstrasse 11
CH-8590 Romanshorn / Schweiz
Tel. +41 71 466 81 55
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